Thursday, January 23, 2014

THE SUN DONE FLIPPED ~~~~confirmed

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media  January 22nd, 2014
We should give credit to NASA on this one. Their team predicted Solar Cycle 24's reversal would occur on or around December 31st. Given the variables, I would say they nailed it. The two most highly visible signs are a spike in solar activity and most if not all sunspots would occur on the Sun's southern hemisphere.
Beginning the first week in January, sunspot region 1944 produced one X-class flare and seven M-class flares. It is now determined region 1944 was the largest sunspot group of Cycle 24. We have to go back to July 2004 (previous Cycle 23) to find a significantly bigger group which was sunspot region 0652.
It was not an easy task to determine the measurements of region 1944 to be compared to previous largest events. The Sun being a round sphere, a sunspot near the limb looks a lot smaller than an equally sized sunspot near the disk's center. Hence, small deviations in the measurements may result in a very different outcome for the sunspot area.
For all these reasons, the area data can differ substantially from one source to the other. Applying this consistently on SDO/HMI imagery, it turns out that the maximum area for NOAA 1944 (Jan. 7th 2014) seems to be slightly larger than that of the previous runner-ups…sunspot region 1339 which occurred on Nov. 3rd 2011 and region 1520 occurring July 10th 2012 showing a 1% to  4% increase over the latter.
Specific to the Jan. 7th 2014 X1-flare, the proton flux was already elevated due to a flare from NOAA 1936 which had rounded the west solar limb 2 days before. As a result of combined charged particle clouds, the proton flux increased making it the strongest event since the May 22-24th 2013 event.
Watch for continued extreme weather events and fluctuations. This could come again as jet streams and ocean currents shift dropping temperatures to perhaps near record lows in the northern hemisphere.
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