Thursday, March 12, 2015

For Those Who Seek Truth On CLIMATE CHANGE

IF you read my blogs you know I've been saying we experiencing a MINI ICE AGE...Ya I know most of you think I'm a Nut Case and I just love it when Those In The Know On The TRUTH WAGON come out with the qualified proof ~~~~~~I do love getting the last laugh !
Finally a guy who I put great stock in for truthful educated validated facts has gathered  information his privately funded staff accumulated, and posted in a informative video for all of you still believing if Government or Media says something it must be TRUTH.....TRUTH CAN ONLY EXIST WITHOUT ALTERATION OF DATA
Having lived on same property for "50 adult years"  I can tell you all about how the Sun rises and sets in a different spot, how the constellations have shifted, and how the Sun sets over a different spot on the corner of these acres. I can also tell you about Climate Changes, how it was here when your parents were kids or teens just beginning to sow their oats, way before most of you were even a gleam in an eye.
IF you want to hear the truth about Climate Change ~~ here it is....It's worth you knowing about even if your only in your teens, cause guess what it's going to effect "Your" life over the next 10 to 15 years. It's going to effect your jobs, your living conditions, and what your generation invents and develops to cope with it.....So here it is ~ take advantage of unaltered TRUTH.

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