Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Moon 10/7 Giving Us Hope

There are high hopes with this New Moon that many of us will find that light at the end of the dark tunnel, because this new cycle builds on the foundation laid by the cardinal T-square which is helping to redirect our life at this time leading to Consciousness Shifting. Anything which has been blocking the energy around us should find it's balance in the Libra New Moon which can help us all see our world in a different way. Human consciousness around the world is being viewed by man as awakening. In reading other astrologers they agree as all the inner planets will be contained within the radius of the outer planet T-square which over the past few months has both individually and collectively create changes in our awareness and life which we will soon be living. Best of all a Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Libra will provide clarity of thought aiding us in living a more balanced approach to life. Other planet placement throughout the cardinal T-square of the outer planets this entire period carries deep healing energy in our lives. (the word healing comes from the Latin Root of "wholeness") which indicates to me we have opportunity to find the balance our manifested forms need to activate dormant DNA creating the new 5thDimensional human. The cycle of this New Moon should bring us exciting changes, which if we are Noticing as it was suggested to do, we will get clearer views of where our path leads. Also being in Libra who's ruler is Venus there are special relationship changes ahead.


Kraxpelax said...

The Moon
on a cat


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U B E Lady said...

Thank You for your comment...My belief is we are all essence here to experience as we have chosen for expanding the Consciousness Energy which all is...Religion is only a Human Belief System associated with this reality... I have over many focuses here held various differing beliefs and in this Now Moment hold none as they block to my expanding awareness. I feel all are just beliefs to be experienced if we choose, none more right or wrong that another.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Crone, this guy is leaving the same commercial for his own blog as a comment on all your posts. This is an irritating form of spam. Any chance of deleting them?