Friday, October 8, 2010

Meeting the Dead Guys

"AHH so THAT'S a hotrod! We just saw him put the hotrod in." At the time only 4 years old I new nothing about cars or hotrods to have recognized an oil dipstick and obviously either did the one making this statement, but I ran to my parents with this great announcement which sent them into hysterical laughter. What does a 4year old know especially in 1946 when few in the city owned cars. The incident stayed with me, it was years before realizing he who had been so amazed and outspoken in my minds-eye was Jonathan a Welsh farmer from the middle ages. Jonathan's energy was very subtle, almost like my own thoughts, the difference was his lack of recognizing modernization and his natural knowledge of nature. By the time I'd started school I'd grown accustom to the voices at odd times, and recognized people objected to such knowing from a child. These were the days when children should be seen and not heard; however, my unseen friends seemed to have a different idea as they began blurted profound statement from my mouth unexpectedly mid conversation. It seems certain people were drawn to the energy I was unaware existed around me, to receive answers to their most perplexing questions by one known as Jesus/John the Baptist who's essence was somewhat stronger than Jonathan's and more spiritually confident. So it is I lived an otherwise normal life, learning early to remain silent about my unseen friends, which I was reassured of at nine when Jesus chose to correct the Sunday School teacher regarding some translation of his words. So it is I came to accept the conscious and open telepathic connection to the unseen higher frequency essence surrounding us.

The problem was I wasn't aware this is what other called channeling. They made it seem like such an effort by needing training and raising their energy through meditation processes. Finally when the nest was emptied and hubby decided to go off on his own, I began my own path of further realization. The first thing I did was join a class promised to teach you to channel. Well that was a waste of hard earned money as the teacher stopped mid session to ask me if I knew there was a tall handsome blond man in a skin tight suit standing behind me. No, I didn't but felt his hand distinctively as he placed it on my right shoulder. He introduced himself saying he was from a distant universe and had been walking with me as he was my essence brother. So it is I soon learned that we are all connected to the all in what when drawn on paper looks like a family tree with the original source of All as the star on the top and we've divided downward to the very bottom branches of what appeared to a Christmas tree and that connection goes un-severed through eternity. At the time this was a wow to realize we are all always connected to every soul essence that has ever existed and all we need be is trusting and open to hear them speak to us.

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