Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nothing Ever Dies

The dead guys assure me they aren't dead. They've made sure I watched every time Discovery or Nova had one of those science programs about physics or the universe. They try and try to explain it to us, even Jesus tried in his death to show us, but we're dense(pun), but science has been able to explain it understandably in our language. Most have heard how all things and all space between things is an inner-connected field that reacts when observed. To me this says nothing dies, energy transforms and it's frequencies changes depending on it's state. That means when we disengage or pass from this life focus we remain energy, even if it's energy of the dust to dust or that of the unseen vibrations of thought. It's how the dead guys can talk to us cause their energy just becomes part of this eternal field in at different vibration, which vibrates faster then the earth matter. This field is were physics tap into their information, it's were the channeler's voices come from, it's were we all return to when we leave this life, it's were the dead guys that talk to me are. They aren't physical matter life forms but exist as the consciousness merged with this field that is there for us all to tap into if we choose. Of course if you keep saying it's not possible, it's not so, then disbelief prevents you from clearly connecting to all this awareness that has gone before you. When you resist, it's your closing your minds-eye like you close your two eyes when your afraid to see something. The funny thing is the dead guys remind me the awareness form this field is what we call intuition, so when we're not conscious of it we open our mind-eye and allow it in..
You know intuition doesn't hurt and those connecting to it aren't crazy.
You never have to miss your departed love ones ~ they don't go anywhere.
You don't have to fear death just enjoy that in it you'll find real freedom.
Best of all you can be one of the dead guys talking to us relating the wonders of the universe and guiding us through these times.

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