Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Spooks

Some people think it's weird to talk about dead guys; well it's all in the way you relate to them. Fact is it's a belief system that extends from Christianity when Jesus gave his most profound lesson in his death. He was trying to show us how all is energy which vibrates at various resonance depending upon it's desired state of being. He was slowed dense energy as matter in the earth plane and a faster vibrating energy in his after life. We are too, just as all things are. So when I talk to dead guys I'm only talking to guys which are of a different vibrating energy but occupy this same space we do as all this energy field is connected in unity. There's nothing wooowoo weird or ghostly about it unless you want to think that way and then create that belief as your earth life reality.

I started this blog cause Halloween is just up the road and with it everyone gets into the weird occult thinking, also they are really pushing these Ghost Hunters on TV which is completely staged drama. Oh yes if your scared you'll experience scary situations cause the energy is felt and you can't see it, however it's not so much them as it's your emotions reacting to create what you sense. There's also intention laying in that energy which is the essence of beings which choose to remain bound in the density rather than move out into lighter frequencies, they don't want to let go of their denser form, then their frequency to some degree becomes scary because their angry or frustrated and highly emotional. It's not necessary good frequency, nor is it bad, we simply relate to the feel of it that way. We call them lost souls, and they are in the sense that they resist the natural transformation which is part of the departure process of returning to the faster vibrational resonance.

I have what is called a resident ghost. It's the previous occupant of the main farm house on my property. She came there at 15/16 years old to work, married a family member, raised her family and eventually departed this life in her mid 80's back in 1960. She protects the house, and tenants who now live there, IF she likes them, IF not then she annoys them till they leave or usually recognizes before they rent they are not who she wants to inner-act with. She's perfectly sane and healthy acting as most of us would be when they don't like how you choose to live your life and then just don't really want you living in their space. She's told me she knows shes departed and has chosen to evolve by helping or guiding those who choose to reside in the home she loved, and doesn't choose to reincarnate at this time. So be it, she also isn't what you'd call earth bound as she's very aware of her present state and there's no woowoo occult satanic belief that goes with it, she's just made this her choice for the now in her dis-incarnate state.


Kraxpelax said...

The Moon
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As a native Swede, I am particularly proud of my love poetry suite Sonnets for Katie.

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Sexuality introduces Death to Being; and indeed Life simultaneously. This is the profound Myth of the Eden. The work of the Serpent. Bringing us out of "blessed" Standstill. So, in contrast to the mindless pietism of vulgar Christianity, my personal "Christo-Satanism" should be given serious thought by the Enlightened Few, the Pneumatics, the 1% Outlaws. The Light Bringer must be rehabilitated, beacause if not, the All of it simply doesn't make sense: true Catholicism is necessarily Meta Catholicism.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Love your resident ghost! Great blog.

U B E Lady said...

Thanks Ien she has made life interesting over the past 45years.
So often when I walk by the tenant house I think of her so know she is sensing me...that she came to mind out of the blue.