Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Presently I've been dealing with some healers...Healers from off planetary sources. They have been helping me for nigh on to 25 years as they presented many of the new healing modalities. Now I'm not a public healer, my place is more to show other not how I can heal them, but how they are capable of healing the self if they trust their inner awareness. We as a society have been programed to think of all occurring outside our selves, and with this expect someone something outside us to be our savior. The truth is all things come from within from the soul we are as essence that has created this perception of physical matter being us. When we begin to feel this concept as real we will be healing ourselves at the very deepest levels and move forward from there.

We are all healers and presently the dead guys, which are quite healthy and whole as essence, are helping us all to clear away illusions so we can view our true self and learn to visualize our energy and clear that which is dense to fill the space with lovely white higher vibrating energy which will server our greater good.
Try meditation on this and see what happens!

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