Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Energy Being Purified or Cleansed

The elders call this the "Time of Purification". Now many have been talking about this and speaking about it as if it were to take place in some future and the assumption is 2012 cause it's the marker point. Well yes it is, but according to all those dead guys, which many call Ascended Masters, this purification is taking place now. Many wish to put dates on things and this is good as it helps bring it into earth consciousness, but the truth is it's a vibration of energy which builds like the waves of the ocean swell when there is a storm(high energy excitement and excited energy molecules cause other molecules to excite, thus we catch the drift of the wave). This wave has been coming on gradually till it reaches an apex and then subsides again gradually. We as energy manifested feel it in our own way and time depending on our individual vibration level. Along with this we also react according at the level which we are aware of this transformation in consciousness. (The Dead Guys call it Transformation in Consciousness because all is energy with consciousness which reacts when observed to excite it as our scientist tell us) So in these days each individual being, (regardless of species) and the planet herself, are going through what is called a purification. It's a cleansing of the density or energy, some call negativity, which no longer serves us, which will in-turn make room for consciousness energy which will. This cleansing will make it possible for all to vibrate at a faster frequency which will make room for more awareness of how energy is a unified field of inner-acting energy vibrating for the greater good of the whole field.

Going back a bit, the Dead Guys remind us energy is energy and it vibrates. It is neither good or bad nor really higher or lower, but rather of faster or slower vibration with a tone which to our ear is a high or low pitch. There is Negative and Positive Charges, but negative is not bad nor positive good, both are necessary to create vibration. So lets get rid of this outdated small minded concept that negative is bad. What we feel as negative energy is simply DIFFERENT and different by vibrating at a lesser rate which is not bad, it is simply not our own frequency of vibration. Also when we say a vibration rate we recognize that less loving though or that which is not in unity with the greater good of the all is slower and more dense. This is why when we say ourselves to ascend or rising up this statement comes from the original understanding that our energy rises in vibration and this creates a higher frequency resonance. These are new ways of perceiving what we are beginning to now recognize as the essence which is our reality and the essence which is us slowed down to become matter.

To get this whole concept across to my human mind I like to listen to music which gives many scales sequences. Then as the tones rise and fall visualize my molecule structure speeding up and slowing down their vibration to were it is visible as matter and non visible in it's faster state. Sort of like playing in the Transformer Room of the Enterprise ship and beaming me up and back again. Try it, settle yourself as for meditation and listen to the scales of music. See what happens.

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