Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Perception of Time

Changed the title of the Blogger blog from Dead Guys Talkin to Pocket of Light . They say catchy titles draw readers, so will make change until I get more than two friends from Multiply, maybe the different titles will be the drawing cards. Maybe no one is really interested anymore and that too will be ok I'll blog to put my mind in structured form. Don't take that wrong the two are valued for sure, and I always enjoy their blogs on M, plan the same on Blogger even though as with mine they are sometimes a copy, but I'd love to have a new circle of readers as my purpose is information "sharing" to create a new paradigm of reality that's heading our way on a wave of energy we call The SHIFT. We are actually in this wave now and the waves are at their near highest swell. By 2012 just about 2years from now, they will reach their apex and begin to ebb till they noticibly settle down around 2020. Dates aren't important and this isn't an End Time it's a period for NewBeginning when TIME as we know it will end or actually no longer be perceived as it is now cause we'll create new perception of it. This new perception comes from recognizing that the only true reality is NOW the Present Moment and Past and Furture are only thoughts in our mind. When we truly comprehend this we will no longer base our Now thinking of the moment on what occurred in the past or what we desire for the future. We will literally LIVE the MOMENT ONLY> We will consciously live the moment to it's fullest and in the highest resonance possible. This new way of perceiving holds possibilities beyond anything we can imagine. First it eliminates fear which occurs from memory of things past, and it eliminates egos power struggle to control the future. Both Past and Future are illusion, they do not existent but in our minds. We will then be in the moment only, alone living it to it's fullest and all next moments will come to us in a complimentary vibrational harmony to be experience as itself. None of this happens over night, it's a process of a species evolving to become more. This is a process which is natural and what we were designed to do in the original blueprint or matrix of this reality, so there's nothing weird or magic about any of it. We must simply be aware of it if we are to consciously create ourselves into a new paradigm as superior beings.

There is the reason we are presently being made aware of Cosmic and Earth events, it's so we NOTICE this occurring at this time. In so doing, notice our own vibration and how our thought creates experience from them. It's this noticing by us that becomes important cause we can then consciously be creating our vibration instead of unconsciously as we have been..This is a Polarity action.

Now there are many possibilities we can create, what I view is an expansion of the original plan which is based on Polarity of opposites. Expansion because this what the Universe does and because it is what evolution brings about. First the Shift of perception will occur as the opposite polarity from perceiving life having occurred outside ourselves, to recognizing it as occurring within from our vibration of energy which is projected out. This SHIFT of perception is the main issue and from it many changes will occur. We will view things from within in each moment of now as the only true time experience. From it we can create a whole new world of experience, and as we begin to do this we need to support all aspect of humanity as the reprogramming of it's perception transforms. For this reason and none other I desire to share this small pocket of light with others.

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