Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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About the time the world became aware of the Mayan Calendar which created awareness to expedite time acceleration, the Master Teachers some call the Ascended Masters because they lived human lives to become enlightened, related how we the humans accepting this acceleration would shift consciousness which would raise or accelerate our vibrational frequency of energy. Even though a natural process it entails a change in how we perceive ourselves in our reality and how we interact with all other consciousness within it. Natural yes, easy not so easy, cause humanity must transform all the old beliefs which had been the back bone of their old reality perception. There is no one who can do this for us, we can only evolve on our own merit, as it is a process of taking in more photon light which carries awareness. For this reason one is said to become enlightened, because their energy raises in resonance and literally becomes lighter than the density it had held. It would not be easy to transform and live life of a different perception than what had gone before, thus it would be automatic that like minds would unify either in physical communities or communities in consciousness sharing the aether's...we as a community have formed on the waves of energy which are the Internet.

These unified communities take all forms with varying levels of major intent, none is more right or better than the other, all serve purpose for expansion.This unified energy are viewed as Pockets of Light and referred to by spirit as a "Uniergy" unified-energy. So if your here you are part of a uniergy pocket,transforming consciousness to create a new reality. It has taken time to bring this full circle and spirits guidance which says timing is everything in this illusion of timespace our reality occupies.

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