Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shifting Love of Power to Power of Love

Today hadn't really planned on looking at the planets..It's the U.S. elections and sorry but haven't done my homework, nor do I care to when all those running have done is bash the opponent. To me it means they have nothing to offer on their own merit, so why bother placing any of them in least I won't have to take responsibility for the next mistake. I'm completely fed up with government and the whole idea that it makes no difference who is in office they do what they choose and have closed ears to those who elect/hire them. That bail out episode proved this. Regardless this is me and my reality of it, which says we should all simply decline to vote until this elected position is sought by those with sincere expressed interest in doing something beyond collecting the big bucks for power. Here we are with another major issue of the Shift which says we are shifting from a mindset with a love of power to a consciousness knowing the Power of Love.
To avoid the public arena I started the day reading blogs and ended up in astrology of the day..
Mars (the aggressive red planet) is in Sagittarius it seems standing on it's own today with no important aspects. In this position Mars says everyone has an opinion. Including me.
Right here I stopped !!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Election Day whats more appropriate than an opinion, but what I've got to ask:
How can you qualify an opinion of who to elect by having only listened to ads about all that the opponents have done wrong?

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aKunaKumara said...

Beyond what is said here, to me, the idea of continuing with a government and policies and economic system which have already collapsed is senseless. We are moving into a new paradigm reality in which this structure is out of sync and can not work until it is transformed to a harmonic resonance that meets the collectives needs.