Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Don't Need Guilt

I just love my matter were or what is going on my higher self seems to direct me to just what I need or clues me in to what's going on, this is the physic part of me. Don't get that wrong I don't believe in professional physics cause people end up depending on their every word and believing there is a future that is set in stone, and that's just not so..WE create our reality and WE can create it in any way we choose to believe it should play out. There are many who are so into the programing of being the victim of fate they simply resist who they truly are at every turn and will therefore not see it, but I have proven to my own hard-headed self over and over that I did create the experience of my reality. Looking back is always easier than trying to see it in the now, that is if your willing to consciously be honest with yourself about the thoughts you held which created the emotion that became the frequency you resonated from your heart center. Our mind so often tell us one thing when in our heart we are feeling something else or we want something that we don't think we deserve or can have. This is why we end out thinking we don't create our reality because we are unwilling to look at the truth of what the beliefs in our heart center is that creates the inner frequency we reflect as life.

Nobody ever said it was easy, we must be our own task masters to pass this course of Conscious Reality Creator..We have programed ourselves with so many illusions to hide the truth of self from us, that we will most likely be the next hundred years searching them out in ourselves. This is the process as we planned it in the blueprint of this collective projection of evolution. Just yesterday I stumbled upon another human hang up ....GUILT... Now periodically I sensed it, but I'm one to be riddled with guilt, however, I've been shown how there is more of it in all us than what we realize. My sister has had her long awaited surgery (she needs a liver transplant too) The doctor and hospital are 3hrs driving for about a 5minute visit because she's spent the past 3years sleeping when not eating. Anyway her husband is putting his guilt trip on me. He goes nightly to visit her when he'd rather just stay home. I was feeling guilt until three days in a row she said she had to hang up she was to tired to talk. With this realization I've chosen to not experience GUILT in my reality. But there is that nagging old programing of our obligation to others that keeps cropping up in each NOW. I know this is past memory past training settled deeply in my cellular memory patterns, and to over come it I must transform this program. So I'm working with some Selenite to lift this so I can release it so as to be more clearly able to make choices in each moment of Now for the greater good of all without guilt.

I'm quite capable to create the reality I choose, Except this old program hinders my doing so with it's little twinges of guilt that I know logically are not appropriate cause the most loving thing I can do is what is best for her recovery not appease my ego's guilt program. Now out of the blue was sent to my library to chose a Bashar book..turning only a couple pages there it was "Introducing Guilt". Bashar the ET says guilt creates self-incrimination, as well as self-invalidation, self-limitation, segregation and separation, and most often prevents us from creating what we desire in our life. We've even been guilted into believing No Pain No Gain..and we enforce it with the so called validation of "and they lived happily ever after" being only the result in a fairy tale not real life. There is nothing in the universe that says we must earn what we get, or we must suffer or have conflict anymore than it says we must have joy...We are free to create our reality experience we desire, it is our choice. And we don't need to embrace guilt for having chosen our own desired in the moment.

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