Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest Anti-aging Secret

No matter where you turn today you hear something about anti-aging and staying youthful. Would be nice if it didn't cost an arm and a leg in the process of obtaining this fountain of youth. The joke is on us because by the time we work hours to give ourselves all this youth, we've worn ourselves to a frazzle with what to apply when, how long to exercise, how to dress, what not to eat and the of pain needles or knife, all of which ended up creating more stress the main factor to begin with in aging. But we go on faithfully trying the next wonder drug, preparation, diet, exercise or treatment as our world economics and ecology collapse around us . Like the majority I have an interest in anti-aging the thing is I've come to recognize is it can never come from something outside myself because that's just a surface paint job, real anti-aging starts on the inside. It does no good to paint the surface of a rusted structure without removing the rust!

Ok, you've heard it before and you'll hear it again, but are you really listening to what this means to you. For me it means creating an inner environment which is conducive to youthful whole health. Now most would consider this beginning with diet and exercise. Welllllll, ya it does in the physical, but the physical us is the manifested end result of our stepped down energy which begins at what we call soul/essence. In-between the higher resonating energy of soul is essence energy stepping down in frequency till it becomes matter. It's all one inner-connected us and like the song said 'you cant have one without the other'. So when we start our anti-aging program it has to begin within the resonance of the energy consciousness which we are. Now what this means is the belief we hold regarding aging must be one which says the physical can go on forever as long as it is maintained appropriately in it's environment, because the beliefs we hold create the perception filters we see life through and they are what creates the resonance of the consciousness energy we are. We manifest outwardly our inner vibration!

If you've fallen into that trap of believing the physical body ages at a certain rate then your doomed to age accordingly, because that belief is contained in your cellular memory and the cells will react according to belief. So the real anti-aging program is contained within your beliefs and there is nothing says you must believe the physical deteriorate at a certain rate if it's properly maintained. Now here is the catch 22. The belief must create in you the desire to keep this physical running in top notch condition by supplying the elements which will best sustain it.'s continuing operation as a well maintained machine. It's an inner-connected unit and must be feed on all levels the consciousness befitting the belief you hold and the desire which accompanies it. Time to transform you belief of staying young and living healthy forever.

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