Monday, November 8, 2010

Doing Away With the Aging Concept

Last bolg we spoke about how TIME was promoting our aging perception and making our bodies grow older. We recognised this occurs because our reality is a perception of what the vibration of our inner beliefs carried in our cells and heart core, and this is occurring because we as a species have come to view our entire reality existing in the framework of linear time. There is a past ~present ~and future to it. Reinforcing it is how we base much of our culture on past events from ancestors and history or see our growth cycle as a process of aging into maturity. We watch our children grow up and our parents grow depleted in age, and live with the mechanics of maintaining our possessions as they age, while we are embedded in further concepts that past taught us to do or not do certain things to protect our planned for future based on these references. We have all placed a stigma on our existence right down to going into a fraz over the collapse of an illusionary economy based on nothing other than numbers written on paper. Just as in the Crash of 29 many contemplated death rather than live their well planned future without fulfilling the illusion of what is actually false wealth. As we step into this Energy Wave of new creation it's going to take years for us to completely deprogram the concept of time from our cellular DNA and through patterns.

This is what New Agers are trying to do when they tell us to live in the Now Moment. The reality is past is gone, future has not arrived and this makes both only a reality within our thought. The Present Now Moment is the on true reality as it is occurring. Thus when we speak of aging can you imagine how long our life would be perceived when we live each Moment of Now for it's self. We wouldn't relate that Now to any past of future, all would only be endless Moments in the Present experience. We can only begin to see all the things which would be eliminate form perception if we no longer had past events to base our feelings on. We would be so involved in the Moment there would be no memory of past resentments, hurts or joys to reference, and this would then eliminate the fears of futures not aspiring as we desire or meeting some ill fated situation. Living each Moment for it's own merit would fast create the lengthening of moments into infinity because there would be no relationship to a cycle which promotes an aging concept. We would just be what we are in each moment according to how we vibrate from within, creating us to eat when hungry, sleep when tired, enjoy activity when desired.

It's pretty far out to contemplate what the new Wave of Energy will become when we begin to live each moment from our desire instead of from a concept of a non existing past and future......

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