Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Brings More than Chilly Winds

November 2010 is one of the most powerfully transformational months we ever have or ever will experience..There are energies coming to us at this time which make it impossible for anyone to avoid recognizing of them, and as such this means many who have been resisting will be stirred to a point of recognizing their resistance to change. This doesn't always mean they will change, just that they recognize they have been resisting the inevitable and with that relax their guard enough to allow their walls to begin to crumble what they will.

Their are several contributing outer expression occurring this month that reflect this. One is the New Moon on the 5th/6th which gives any transformation we working on a good push. This will help our releasing process so it has the life transforming effect we've desired. It may not calumniate this month but you'll notice how it falls into place over the next few months to help you become the more beautiful being you desire being as a co-creator.

There are some non Mayan beings which recognize the Mayan Calendar as an intuitive energy indicator, finding it to be a reflexion of the collective human status. I keep abreast somewhat through information others offer and November is the dawning of a year long cycle in which our old paradigm ego dominance will begin to give way so we can better master the desires which we hold in our heart. This reeves up our natural intuitive abilities as we begin to create from the Power of Love and less from egos desire of love of power. This energy is the reflection of mankind's deepest healing by viewing past, forgiving, releasing blame and resentment to allow true healing within. Noticing syncs in life and opportunities arising from the past, addictions, habits, body energy and image with illness or aging and lifestyle are all going to be drug up from the depths within so we can transform them within to uplift our frequency by releasing that which we have held that is not longer necessary to us. This will release us of worry, fear and stress which we associate with aging and ill health so we can create in us a new awareness of becoming our intention.

For me personally this period made me more aware of the dense energy which surrounds me. It's always been there and I've learned to shield myself from it, but in the now there is a sharper contrast in the differences of tone. Knowing this is an every changing ratio it becomes another measure of acceptance, where not all will choose to let go of their resistance and many who do choose this now will release their grip slowly, more slowly than what some like myself choose. This is were master for true acceptance comes into play as it can be one of our biggest challenges against what we hold as beliefs which are presently being released. This is a month were we encounter our on transformation as well as our own resistance. It a period which will in many ways set the stage for what is to become us. As we move forward we must continue to remember we are releasing our love of power to find our Power in Love...

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