Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cats Point of View

Earlier today posted in Review Section my desires Sensed to create in my New Universe (this is the wave for sensing our most inner desires we want to create in our new reality) Woke thinking about how I really wanted to communicate with species which I was less accustom to. Animal Communication comes natural to me, I just hear the mind talk when they are near, and for this reason the neighbors pets seemed to show up here as did their children. It happens less these days as the energy of the space has changed with tenants present, but many four legged species come here as it is special energy offered. What brought this to mind was the strange cat which has been hanging around close to the house. We don't have one and Cody Dog get upset seeing it right outside the doors. He scares me near to death when he pops up and flies to the door barking (quite unlike him as he isn't a barker. Barking in not permitted here on the property due to day sleeping tenants and he like my own always honored that rule.) The cat is a skinny little thing only a mother could love, and it's not tame or at least not friendly. At first I got lost in my humanness with the attitude this cat needed to go cause I didn't need this upset.Then the second thought took over. Find out the cats story and why it's here.

Seems it's a neighbor cat. (This is exactly why I don't/can't have cats of my own. Got tired of neighbor cats showing up here to fight mine and bringing disease with them cause they never received proper medical shots. Since cats love nature and desire the outdoors, I'd not confine them unnaturally indoors. Mine always stayed close to the house as they seemed to know which side there bread was buttered.) This poorly kept guy is accustom to people but doesn't let them close enough to touch, and is use to being around small dogs from what it said. Told me very clearly it has to hunt it's own food except for milk and there is not easy pray near it's milk anymore. It's not a healthy cat, weight and coat show this. It spoke to me while sitting looking toward our feed barn where it found several mice and chipmunks. Also said there are a lot of the bushy tails and the stripes (squirrels & chipmunks) but they are much harder to get than field mice or wood rats. Now strangly it also said it's not afraid of Cody Dog cause he smells kind >>? anyway he's right as Cody likes cats and had a kitten in his other life. Now Cody would be friendly with it if he had the chance but I don't want a wandering cat to concern myself over it someday when it doesn't show up on time. The undertone of the cats attitude is quite clear anyway about not particularly liking people but willing to use them to it's advantage. With that I was told to leave I was disturbing concentrating on hunting. I'd say it has along way to evolve into the attitude of cooperative unity and is uninterested at this time to consider cooperative equality for itself with other species. Another lesson learned ~ the cute little kitty was not a willing participant...and this must be a two way street of equals.

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