Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Transformational View

Somewhere back in the 1960's someone coined the phrase New Age, it just seemed to fit and since I've done much channeling of essence information, participating, healing, and connecting to the Energy of Consciousness which we now understand via Physics to be within all things just as Einstein theorised it was. During this time I've come to recognize all things we believe are of mans perception, regardless of subject matter all just is mans view of what exists in this and other realities. With this in mind I've strive to pick through these beliefs to find the truth which lays at their onset and with it came to recognize their are the same few basic truths that keep arising. Like we are energy stepped down to the lowest resonance possible to become solid moving form called matter, being a step down we are this energy always regardless of the rate we vibrate and with this are always one with and connected to the entirety of this thing we call the Field ~ All That Is ~ Source ~ God ~ Life Force. The various different names are simply definitions of individual perception. So it is I've come to also recognize we are in charge of this experience we call human life. We chose to become the slower vibration of our essence so we could experience this from various different perceptions of belief; experience itself is what expands that which we are of this Field. Finally Physics has agreed by coming to see the universe as expanding instead of collapsing which it originally theorized. So we are all intertwined eternally with all that ever has and ever will be or take place. Now this is pretty deep stuff if you've not acquainted yourself with metaphysics or the TV specials of Dr. Michio Kaku, but it wasn't new with the New Age and has been around as awareness for centuries in many cultures. In some, actually one, the Hawaiian culture it's been adhered to as a belief called H'Oponopono and applied mainly as a healing of the soul or others and self at the same time. Much like the idea that the Healer is healed by becoming the vessel for the life force to flow through.

In H'Oponopono one takes total responsibility for creating their own reality and all which occurs in it from their perception. This means the good and bad alike, by recognizing we are not the victims of life but the creators of it. How we experience our life is based upon the vibration of energy we carry within, which is determined by what we hold in the heart center of self which forms from energy of our thoughts and beliefs. No matter how good or bad another is we must take responsibility for our perception of them being this way. Not responsible for what they do but for how we perceive it. Yes this is quite oppositional to what we have been living as a belief. However, sensing it was truth I chose to bring someone into my life to prove this to myself. It was my adult 40+year old son who had destroyed his life by holding what I perceived as a very dense destructive perception of life through multiple addictions. After spending four years in the hell created by this perception, I came to right my own perception recognizing it was I who had to take responsibility for my perception of him. It was a long haul to transform centuries of though process but it did heal him and at the same moment myself. I'm now able to live the realization of H'Oponopono with all things, recognizing my perception creates them as I experience them and if I'm not completely content with that experience it is I who must change how they are perceived.

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