Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our NEW Relationship to PLUTO

Being an amateur I risk stepping on toes but it appears not many of the pros have weighed in on the resent change to Pluto's status from planet to asteroid.This was by the astronomy community and not astrologers so it's left astrologers in the blind having to sense out a new relationship which at first seems down graded but in truth is a Transformation which is Shift oriented. It took a bit but I finally realized how very appropriate it is, as Pluto is the outer most cosmic body in our Solar System and the first to receive energy radiated form Galactic Center. Thus, the planet of transformation has transformed showing us the way it's done. He was not destroyed, but instead changed the way in which he will inner-act in our charts. This transformation we too are going through is one where our reality perception changes by recognizing there is no-thing outside ourselves, all is a reflection projected from our frequency within. So it is with Pluto who has always been recognized as the planet of transformation setting the tone for each generation as it spent up to two decades in each sign up to 1971, after which it spends much less time in any sign. This also is evidence time is speeding up as it winds down to Zero Point. Pluto moved into Capricorn January 2008, and will be there until 2024, what we think of as a 2012 effect will be felt for the next 15 years.So I look at this downgraded status as Pluto getting it's Ego in balance.

Pluto's influence is on the collective mind set more than a personal level. This slow mover with all it's retrogrades gives whole generations of our society opportunity to evolve mankind's consciousness, and it will continue to do so with it's transformation just in a different way. It has always had a powerful effect on us when suspecting natal planets, but it takes an aspect for it to play out in ways that change our life forever.The symbol of Pluto is likened to the Phoenix, the bird of myth which would end it's life by putting itself into fire at Heliopolis to be reborn rising out of the ashes.Pluto is known as a malefic planet because it has no mercy in applying changes to life which regenerate and transform us, I mean really who with choice would step into the fire as Pluto requires. In Greek myth it is known as both Hades who was feared and hated, and Pluto the god of riches. So this slow mover transforms the consciousness of man by making us play the role of the Phoenix. Pluto's concern is with evolutionary perfection during our life, with this transformation or Shift in Consciousness it will work with the frequency within us as it reflects outward so we see our greatest power is not outside us, but comes from the depths of heart center.

Pluto was last in Capricorn in 1733 when seeds of rebellion for the American Revolutionary War were planted, this gives you a clear idea of the why things are as they are presently, and more than anything it tells us to stop placing blame on government leaders cause regardless of who was elected this would have occurred. (to put it bluntly it was written in the stars. This is our opportunity to embrace our Oneness with all by mastering "Acceptance" knowing each soul being equal comes with a purpose and it was a dirty job but someone had to do it, honor them for their harsh choice.) During this last transit America broke from British rule and fought for Independence. Today we are breaking from ruler-ship outside ourselves too, and by 2024 will see the real power of authority is within ourselves. This means we can no longer depend on outer sources and government, but must become self sustaining. What clearer connection can be made with the Hopi Prophecy than this. (will inject here about those who desire ET contact, be aware the power to save us is within ourselves not from another savior outside ourselves or our planet)

The sign of Capricorn is represented by the Goat with the fish body. It is the sign ushering in the Winter Solstice when days of darkness give way to increasing light,just as the goat sees ever increasing light of awareness as it struggles up the mountain to reach the top. It's trip is never easy as it's often one step backward for every two steps forward, but with perseverance it always makes it and this is exactly what Pluto is creating for us as he rides the goat through the period of the Shift. With his transformational nature we will walk through fire to rise from the ashes sometime before it's tenure in 2024. Capricorn rules things like business, economics, government and will only do it with the highest ethics of spiritual awareness regardless of the struggle to accomplish this. This is where we're at with this Shift of the Ages, where our Consciousness within will uplift to it's highest available resonances and only we can determine the level that frequency will ascend to.

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