Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Underlying Lessons of SELF LOVE

Recently read a blog about Saints, those people who go unrecognized for putting themselves on the line 24/7 caring for those in need. Mainly those family members, quite often parents or children and mates. It got me to thinking how this 24/7 care-giving was a theme in my life. Not a main one but there over this long life. I've had aunts and sister in laws, and neighbors and several friends, friends of my children all involved in this 24/7 situation. The topper is a nearly blind man, caring for his wife my girlfriend and another friend who's son is caring for his mother my friend who is legally blind. A girlfriend who's spent twenty years working nearly around the clock with mentally disabled girls, who has destroyed her marriage and has no other life. The most on my mind presently is my brother-in-law for my sister. I've done this myself caring for mentally disabled and elderly for pay, then for my teenage child who was moderately active but had to be observing 24/7 due to a terminal illness. These commitments give one no life of their own, but somehow the caregiver never sees this as they think of it simply as something you do cause it needs doing. There are more strange ones like a Nam Vet I just couldn't walk away from and ended up in a 12 year relationship because he feared being alone and had back to back panic attacks, and now another family member who can't do life emotionally and has developed an addiction problem. This last one is on a different level altogether, so I must of learned something from that relationship when he became a threat to my family and was told it was time for him to find another place to live. What hit me after this other read on saints was realizing this is choice we make, because we direct our lives with intention. In most of these care-givers there seems to be a huge in-balance of the compassion trait. Personally I've seen it as coming at me in levels, of learning balance. What a surprise I got. It's likened to karma, but isn't karma, it's just an imbalance in our emotional set up. To take it further, after thinking this was balanced, I was just got hit in the face with the proverbial pie to realize in truth it's not all about compassion balancing at all, but more about SELF LOVE. Now I'd not of thought that before, as this was always taken in it's stride to be just doing what needs doing, even when it was a paid job. However, the main issue is about Self Love and learning to give care to ourselves foremost, and I've recognized there are many issues being presented humanity at this time regarding our SELF LOVE which is at the base covered up by some other issue.

There are several things it helps to know so we come to love the self more...
#the most important is we all create our own reality so it is we who bring this into our space as an experience. Most time we do it for learning.
#second is we each create our own disease and illness, seers and healers view this clearly even prior to the disease manifesting in physical, the show as blocks in the emotional energy body. Illness is created by ourselves via our beliefs and our perception or reaction to them which create clogged emotions.
As care-givers knowing this we can accept this lesson till we reach what we desire ourselves to learn, and by recognizing we all create these blocks within ourselves, we can feel less responsible for giving up ourselves to others and start demonstrating more Self Love for our own healing. Those we care for are working through their own emotional blocks via the cause for their need, and we need to work through our own cause by learning self love.

"By the way you love yourself you'll be known." No wonder we
caregivers keep coming up with formats for it, I had the incorrect concept of the lesson needing to be learn. Loving yourself well allows other people to know how to love you. Now oddly I'd not say any of the caregivers were down on them self, but with closer observation they are all people who get little loving support from others, yet keep giving it. Even if they take on a harsh attitude to do it such as I've done with addiction creating a needy person. Here we go again as I'm presently involved caring for a family member who's addiction renders them to be needy 24/7 ... doesn't appear quite the same thing, but it is just another version of the same issue and to finally realize it's one more of those issues we place before us to learn our appropriate level of SELF LOVE as we move into our ascension of a New Earth Reality. We need to grasp a new level of this at a higher resonance and will have to start lifting the covers to find it hidden under our other emotional issues.


aKuna Kumara said...

In the spirit of learning SELF LOVE I'm going to bless me with one gift a
day for the next 21 days because they say it takes 21days to change or acquire a habit as part of self.
So each day there will be a loving gift to myself..
#1 Today paid all my bill even those not due till first of next month. Seems like a non gift in a sense, but this gift releases me from thinking about owning anyone anything.It was done unconsciously but I soon recognized it's intention is so I can concentrate on what I own only to myself.

aKuna Kumara said...

#2 Last night was woke by at 3:00a.m.
rain and hi-wind storm, didn't get back to sleep and had a 9a.m. meet and arrangements to visit sister who just returned form surgery. Chose to extend me the Self Love and visit another day, and instead, due a much needed crystal healing and meditation
with needed nap after.

aKuna Kumara said...

Found this wonderful video which I'm going to gift myself with to follow daily.

aKuna Kumara said...

#4 Promised self I would no longer do things disliked just because society has taught us it's right or is our obligation to others. This started with cooking so son eats and still makes it to his AA meeting. He is his responsibility. Last night didn't cook, ate leftovers, he didn't. Today threw veggies and a roast he bought in crock pot, it's done as far as I'm concerned. Not cleaning up his stuff it gets piled on the floor in his path. There is a small list of other things I will no longer do. Time to make me happy.

aKuna Kumara said...

#5 Tenant calls 9pm tell me kitchen faucet is leaking bad..Well been around along time, know they don't happen bad suddenly and stain the sink under the drip too.. He was told wash dishes in the bathroom sink till plumber can get here. I'm being kind to my bank account and not paying emergency call fees when it's been leaking long enough to rust stain the sink. Loving self from all aspects of my life.