Friday, November 19, 2010

Powerful FULL MOON Nov21st Sunday

Presently I'm in an Astrology mind set cause the energy is intense and with the prevailing T-square of all the planets any other transit New and Full Moons included are more powerful than normal. This means our lives are all effected in varying degrees with the current of transformation at what ever level of awareness we willingly accept and allow our consciousness to open to via our human mind source. Jupiter has been moving close to Uranus and slowed down as it approached going direct the same day Venus did which was Nov. 18th yesterday and is at the first degree Scorpio at the New Moon then she returns to her own sign Libra the next day 19th today. During retrograde we most likely had some second thoughts about a relationship and have now reversed them as we see things with more clarity and are better able to make long term decisions. For me relationship is not a mate but an adult son returned to be part of my daily home life. Since all is/are transforming our relationships are too, any transformation my eventually bring us more into alignment or further apart, so it's best to allow the changes to show us the way as they unfold.

Seems both Jupiter and Venus play a big role in this up coming Full Moon on Sunday the 21st of November.(30days before the 12/21/10 Eclipse blogged about) Venus gave us some bad times during her retrograde period which started Oct 8th so she in our charts she could evolve to the next level conscious effect. She is again in her own sign of Libra, with the Full Moon in Taurus her other sign, so returns to her role as the radiant love goddess of abundant beauty in our life. Without going into tons of mythology this is showing itself as a Full Moon effecting all we may deny or run away from facing and it opens up the energy this month for us to face it head on in a higher frame of reference than we could previously. Other aspects, Jupiter and Uranus, indicate unexpected breakthroughs and Neptune the higher vibration of Venus indicates our application of higher love on a more spiritual level. All this is a fantastic thing in light of that eclipse of big change which is on it's way next month on that 29 degree mark.

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