Saturday, November 20, 2010

Laughter Of Dreams to Come

I've had this voice within which keeps telling me to Lighten Up, to Light MY Me, Lighten My World, and it's backed up with sounds of laughter, children playing, babbling brooks, and seem to connect to this blog I write called Pockets of Light. The visual is like that magical scene in Robin Williams movie "What Dreams Will Come" with people riding bikes in the sky, flying, floating, playing at their life work. Clearly this is a vision of reality within the Light of higher vibrational possibilities. The idea for the name of this blog was give by the voice saying that as the world we know collapses around us there will be area shining higher resonating energy of joyful love appearing as Pockets of Lights amid the darkness of the lower resonance. I've understood all to well this meant enlightened groups of beings unifying in like-mindedness by living for the greater good of all and not just self. What I hadn't seen, is how I'm taking this so seriously that the energy of my perception is heavy..weighty..dense..and no matter how aware I become all is unified as One within the energy field that all is, my thinking of it as work holds my own Pocket in dim density. Finally the voice got through that foggy veil which helps to elude truth, and having seen through it there is now laughter and mirth like children at play, no work, nothing is dense or tedious, all is gleeful pleasure of living in passion and this resonates the loving joy of Light.

This realization that the pockets of light are yet dim impressions compared to the vibration which they hold potential for, it me hard as the vision of a vibrational increase was clearly occurring from the lightness of the laughter within. No doubt this was a message To Lighten Up, Live, Laugh and be in the Joy of My Passion if I was to be a Pocket of Light in this world reality. The feeling of those times when I'd been lost in my passion washed over me. I was younger, heavily burdened with responsibility and seeking that inner peace which was found in expression that inner me in the arts. Now these arts could be painting, crafting, gardening, sewing, decorating, writing, a life of joys in self expression filling my experience. Today there is little of this as the closing Zero Point pressure applied it pressure and I became the adult dutifully treading my path and promise to enlighten the world.

Accustom to syncs I've recently read several blogs about Playing and this made me aware what was really being expressed to me was not to go find new games, but to live life as a game finding the passion that brings us that joy we get lost in. Those moments when we get lost in time are part of that living in the Now we speak of which diminishes liner time to non-existence. So here is another piece to this puzzle of the New Energy. This New Earth Reality we seek need not be sought but can be found by finding our Passion and Living Laughing and Loving it's JOY of the Now.

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