Monday, November 22, 2010

Laugh's on Us

Just love the idea when we set our mind to projecting something it will manifest. Laughter has become the thought of my day, and most of it seems to be viewing the irony of life as we have lived it and how we as a species says we desire to live it by contrast. The joke is on us when we began viewing life as being created outside ourselves when it is actually created from within. Buddhist have been saying this but it's been ignored by those not of that persuasion, then the New Agers said it and those not of that persuasion ignored it too. The fact is now science is telling us this stuff, claiming that it is through observing that life becomes. It's from that Nano point when the neutrons and photons are observed that they react to sets awareness in motion.........This going within and observing our inner most resonance of belief and thought is were we find the energy frequency that is creating our reality as we know it. From this point we can transform that which is creating by changing the vibration of how we perceive life through our beliefs and thoughts.
This is the laugh form observing the irony of seeing things backward as the outside effecting our inner self, when it is in reality the inside effecting the outer life experienced.

Comment and discussion welcome .. it's how we share our wisdom to expand it.

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