Friday, November 26, 2010

Creating New Cellular Memory

There's a saying "your only as old as you think" This is something recognized as true years ago even when I was quite young. Now that I'm on in years it seems a struggling to remember. The physical side of this thinking is that as we age we acquire ills that so often catch up to us with pain creating thoughts of how our physical structure is waring out. The wearing out concept is connected to many things and is something deeply embedded in our cellular memory which deters the new awareness from bearing it's fruit. Sort of like trying to create a new improved variety of fruit on our tree through graft and the old variety won't accept the new genes or having a organ transplant where the body continues to reject it as a foreign object to protect itself against. I've spent some time contemplating this and have come to one clear realization; We must stop ourselves EVERY time we think anything which indicates any form of wearing out or deteriorating being represented with repeated use or aging. I'm even thinking of being on in years as just that an accumulation of years but it not being aging only accumulation of experiences. Also so I've always stayed the Hippie type in attire and will remain so regardless of the years which accumulate. With myself I don't think of years/birthdays etc but started applying the Accomplishment Celebration of the Aborigine.

This concept has even taken hold in the way we created our metals, fabric machines, and the other day I went into the closet and pulled out a jar of face cream which I'd not used in awhile and it had dried up...All these things are the concept of wearing out over time, which is quite ridiculous as the concept of linear time is only a facet of the time space of this reality and does not exist outside of it. So the drying up has been created by us. Personally I see no way to counteract this other than to transform our thoughts to were this concept is no longer a part of the reality in as many ways as we can.

You ask how??? Well I'm left ?ing too. But I'm sensing that is begins with dealing with what we can in each moment in a way which will remove the dried up jar of cream from our life..(I started by putting all the old stuff on the sink counter so it would be used up. Then placed all the unopened jars as extras bought on sale in air tight bags to create a situation that prevented deterioration or drying out Thus removing the thought each time it's thought until we learn to think differently about the idea of time creating a deterioration. For instance the other day I came across the craft of Felting which has been created into some real funky items. Currently thinking about clothing items and renewing them, a Green thing I did for years when the kids were little when we were poor and doing a lot of swapping of children's clothing etc. Have several magazines on Altered clothing, jeans into skirts, dresses into funky shorts etc. So with Felting started with Dry Felt Painting on an old shirt seldom worn, nothing lost if it didn't work. Next found an old felt western style hat from when the kids were going to 4-H horse shows. It will be brought back to life like the shirt even though at this point it looks worn out and ready for the trash. Now I get the idea! my higher self has presented me with things to do which are going to reinforce the idea that things don't wear out when they are continually transformed into something different they constantly renew themselves, and our physical body can do the same if our thinking is in the right place . To go along with this there had been some old wood kitchen cabinet's Oneson got off a job which he brought home to reconstruct as nesting boxes in the yet to come chicken coop.. Yesterday he moved and covered them until he's ready go construct the chicken coop. These things seem to have little to do with human physical aging, but they hold the same concept and are ways to transform the cellular memory patterns which connect to the idea of length of life meaning becoming outdated and deteriorating....
This is another step in recognizing where the beliefs lay within us that create the present reality and recognizing them we will learn how to Creating our New Universal reality as desired.

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