Friday, December 3, 2010

Heal Self and we Heal the World

It was on 360' when I first posted about the concept of H'Oponopono. It's a Hawaiian concept used for centuries with families to solve problems and create love between each other. Today it's known as a Healing modality, but it's really an attitude of thinking, one that even goes along with what channeled essence such as SETH, ELIAS and BASHAR are saying in different ways, as well as what New Agers and Lightworks have been expressing. It is a state of being totally aware that we are responsible for all that exists in our own reality. It's not doing anything~ it's an attitude! of accepting responsibility for what we create as our reality through our perception. This is a way of seeing anything and everything in our presence is there for a reason and we placed it there. So we ask Why, What is going on in me that I hold memory or a belief which creates this as part of my reality. What is going on in me that there is in my reality war, anger, resentment,arguments, or there is someone or thing I don't like, illness etc, why does it exists in my reality. This places you (not responsible for it) but responsible for it as the memory thought or belief being present and existing in your perception that you are living or experiencing it. By simply saying your sorry for this your taking responsibility for it being within your perception. This being felt from the heart as Love erases it in you and then whatever opposition or situation existed is erased in your reality, be it war anger poverty or illness. It no longer exists in your reality. This is a concept of recognizing we are essence here because we choose to project a human form to experience matter, and as such creating our own version of reality to expand this thing called the energy Field of Consciousness that all is. Taking responsibility this way allows us to Totally and Completely be the creator of a Loving Joyful reality and to manifest all our desires all because we know we are the one responsible for the reality we create and experience..........
This is not something new it's an ancient concept, it's the concept of what we are in that image of God and always have been before all the human belief systems. Hard to explain because it is a feeling or a sensing of how we create our universe.
When we heal ourselves we heal the world

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