Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's All About BELIEFS

It's all about BELIEF !!! We said this before over and over as Inner Self repeats it constantly to us attempting to get beyond that veil created between the Higher Mind of Soul and the Lower Mind of Physical. This like many things shows our construct as energy, and how we in human awareness at this point must continue to hone away at the veil within which keeps us from living our truth. Living our truth is being all of who and what we were designed to be. We say the words, we understand the phrase but there it sits on top of our head in the human mind like a Looniebird unable to find a nest among counterparts of beliefs, to be at the inner depths of our cellular structure as the instructor of our function. BELIEF it is where it's at! when in the appropriate context. We think we believe but we only know as it sits in the physical mind never permeating the cellular structure. This is the difference between Knowing and Awareness. Knowing is a thought where awareness is us, part of our Cellular DNA construct resonating as our frequency and seen as our aura. It is from this point and only this point of being nested in our physical frequency that the BELIEF becomes part of our function to create our reality.

This is not to say there is a right or a wrong belief, it is to say we must recognize it's what we believe which creates the reality of our focus. It further indicates belief is not something that stays in just the memory banks of the physical mind, it permeates the memory banks of the cellular structure to become our resonance. Until it nest within completely it can not resonate as our frequency, and this frequency is the energy of consciousness which colors and tones our Essence attracting back to us like resonance as the life force which feeds us.

As a child I had a hard time with school, often saying "I knew things which sat on the top of my head, but they needed to drop in before I could use them." It was knowing which allowed me while studying to get all the answers but during pressure of exams when having to use that knowing the answer escaped me until eventually they dropped within to become part of my cellular vibration, part of the whole me. It is this way with all BELIEFS we hold, it's called integrating. There are many old beliefs within us, nested within our cellular memory banks and these are the ones which continue to play like old records until they are replaced with new up dated beliefs. Our computers are much like us, we project them into our reality to do much of our thought and memory functioning. Knowing this all we need do is observe them to recognize how we too must receive the new download of beliefs as the knowing, but then must hit install before they are the awareness of the working program. Now we can overwrite or Un-install to Install the new beliefs on a clean slate. The clean slate creates a better cleaner running program and we are no different. This Un-install or erasing beliefs in us can be handled by our becoming conscious of old beliefs and how deep their tentacles go, and our desiring to transform them by accepting them as what created the reality we experience.

How do we erase our old programs. By Acknowledging them! taking full responsibility for these beliefs being what created our reality. It's not necessary we know all the data connected to them, only that we are willing to accept responsibility for them in us being the beliefs which created our view of reality, and with this acceptance we Forgive ourselves and Love ourselves for being us and evolving to be conscious of this as us. With this acceptance there is automatic forgiveness and love knowing this is the path of evolution we choose and we are walking it as intended. We open our inner selves making room for new beliefs to nest as the program resonating in cellular memory as our new higher frequency of the Conscious Creator of our reality experience as humans..
P.S Sea just posted a fantastic video by Greg Bradden on how BELIEF can heal. He also wrote a book called the Lost Mode of Prayer in which prayer is not an asking it is a total BELIEF and saying thank you for it.
What we BELIEVE at our deepest heart center creates our reality.

Here is an blurp on Braden's longer video

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