Monday, December 13, 2010

Do We Choose or WILL Our Way

The last blog got me to thinking how as we progress through this thing called the SHIFT we will inevitably change and come up with a whole new set of human features which we must learn to balance within to continue raising awareness and enlightenment of our frequency. This is after all, only a marker point in the plan of evolution, a special marker but none the less just a point attained in which we get opportunity to change our whole way of perceiving our reality experience. We are on an accelerated path the same one which began to pick up speed around 1900 at the end of a 26,000 year period, and as we move beyond 2012 the acceleration begins to ebb until we are again evolving at a stabilized rate over the next 26,000 years. The speed up is due to something like flipping a slinky which takes more acceleration at that point when the back side become the leading side as it flips. As you hit that top point there is acceleration needed to flip and this is where we are as we flip into a higher frequency or next octave step ^UP^v^v^. Perhaps it's good some saw this as something to create a new religion from as they did get the word out this way, but I think not since my personal Inner Higher Guidance or Head Voices warned clearly "don't turn this into another religion". You see religions are limiting by their very nature. They take on a set of rules and adhere to them faithfully as beliefs and in this process fail to remain open to the fact that all change is to promote more change in the evolutionary process. They also by nature will tell you they are right beyond all other belief systems which then limits acceptance and the whole idea that our purpose is to experience as expressions God/Consciousness field of Life Force in as many varied ways as possible. We are in truth as this Field exponentially expanding into infinity, and once realized we are but energy of varying frequency we can begin to let go of self limitation through beliefs.

It's hard letting go of belief in general but if we desire exponential expansion of the consciousness we are then we must allow the full range of acceptance. In doing this we allow that all other are simply experiencing their own way exponentially too. We use words like choice ~it is our choice~ and honestly that is at this point becoming laughable as I can't imagine now ever having been in a mind set which needed to be reminded of this. It's far beyond a choice it simply is what we do, we expand and it occurs by our willing it. Now there is a new word for us to apply ~WILL. We WILL ourselves into change. We WILL ourselves into expansion via accepting all as an expression of Source. Just as my essence tonal name aKuna Kumara DeHaRa Antahara describes that I have the WILL to expand enlightenment until all have enlightened. So as limited humans of matter our physical mind chooses,when we begin to think from our point of Essence as energy with consciousness we the WILL ourselves to experience for the sake of expansion exponentially.

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