Sunday, December 19, 2010


Don't confuse tabloid astrology with the real. Tabloid's and magazines, and the briefs on the web only give you a generic view of the sun sign. Astrology is more than just sun signs it's a composite of all the planetary bodies of this solar system. It also in truth is not something sending energy to us, but we create it from within as a cooperative creation with Mass Consciousness of this reality to reflect back to us as a view of reality. Confusing yes but true.

The Solstice Lunar Eclipse is this Tuesday the 21st of December. It calls on us to complete ourselves, resolve issues, work on complete acceptance of all being one in energy, and to release that which no longer serves us so we can heal our inner selves to move into the transformation we call the Shift as pure an essence we can possibly be. Why? so we don't bring old useless outdated baggage into an energy which is demanding harmony, which means we must create new without much of the old memory and belief which has been creating reality.

Along with this holiday Lunar Eclipse we will experience a New Year Solar Eclipse January 4th 2011acting as the slalom or knoll over which we ski and spring into the energy of time-space we view as our future, along with the last merging of Uranus & Juniper in Pisces which opens us to further new awareness and our increased spiritual integration. The only hang up is that snag we spoke of before where the Lunar Eclipse takes place on the 29th degree Gemini
We talked about it being the last chance we get to do something for ourselves or perhaps someone else, and it's not the kind of message you ever want to ignore because it is life changing. It seems this energy of the 29degree has much to do with health issues which we tend to manifest because we have not dealt with our emotions creating blocks in our Emotional Body. Left festering they eventually block the free flow of energy creating a physically manifested area which is not being supplied life force, here results our disease. So here are my answers....It never ceases to amaze me how higher self pushes us constantly in the right direction, all we need to do is listen and act with appropriate timing...

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