Sunday, December 26, 2010

Road Signs of the Eclipses

When encountering those who do not accept Astrology as valid I feel sad knowing they are the road signs we post to guide us on our earth adventure. The signs don't say big truck speeding from your left side, but flash a warning to look and feel the vibrations from a certain direction. I'm sure if you really take a serious look right now you'll see what I mean cause we're at a highly charged period with the energy of Solstice and Lunar Eclipse on 12/21, and Solar Eclipse coming up on 1/4 just after the year numerical vibration changes. Lunar eclipses are endings .. Solar Eclipses new beginning.. adding to this powerful energy pull of a Solstice where the shortest days reverse to become longer, it produces a knock out situation for endings regardless of where Gemini is in your natal chart. Gemini energy is also enhanced with this taking place at 29degrees which indicates possible physical health issues. The Gemini ending, Capricorn beginning depends on the house these signs are in your natal chart. Each of us must look at these to find the area they effect us personally. Let me give you an example...

Gemini my 3rd house pertains to brothers and sisters among many things. Gemini is also the sign of the twins or like soul energy. My younger sister and I are soul mates who have spent more lives together than we can remember. This life together has run quite a close parallel as to the age we married, the same allotment of children, time we spent single between our two major relationships. We each had choices and looking back I see the point at which we took a different fork in the road was during our 50's. She has at this point been waiting a Liver Transplant for five years, and because of deterioration chooses to opt out now as it no longer offers her any real quality of life. This eclipse is my road sign of the ending in this focus with my sister present. It is yet to come, but she has made this choice which will play out over the next few months. Now I could ignore this or can prepare myself using the time we have in physical to deepen our bond and acceptance. This all aspired the day before the Lunar Eclipse of endings.

As for the Capricorn's Solar Eclipse of new beginnings it is in my 10th house. The house of Public and Honor among other things, few of which apply to my life at this time. So it's assuming I'll be more in public eye sharing the ethics of this new paradigm energy and/or there is possibly a release of something which has been a major restriction in my life as a mother (mother's are also 10th house), all could promote new beginning for me. There are other aspect planets which color the situation but this is the main drift...So we still have a week till the Solar Eclipse which sets new things in motion, but beginnings like the endings, may materialize over the next few months.

The blessing is I can see the road signs ~ showing the direction I should be looking, and have opportunity to adjust my thinking and life to accommodate these general situations whatever exacts they might be when the get here. These direction signs, are just that the warnings, so we take notice and can miss the pot hole when we come to it and see a clear road ahead. All outer expression of this reality life *including Cosmic Wonders* are reflections of our inner vibration. ....knowing we can use them wisely.

Comments and discussion are welcome .. it's how we expand our wisdom

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