Friday, December 31, 2010


Here we are with just two years left to what we have projected as the big transformation for Earth experience, where the love of power will be displaced by the Power of Love. It is in full motion, place this belief in you, so it becomes you. The Lunar Eclipse of 12/21/10, a two year marker, has brought about endings which have blasted us open allowing us to focus on the new beginnings which will be the true 2011 New Year marker on 1/4/2011 with a Solar Eclipse. This powerful energy implies we are ready to master the energy to what ever level of transformation we desire to obtain. The planetary alignments over years 2010, 2011, 2012 express our directing ourselves in what appears to be the climbing of Jacobs ladder in a rigorous training program which strengthens and increases our conscious awareness, auric fields and frequency to sustain ourselves at the Zero Point energy of consciousness as it shifts direction entering the next octave to be the new paradigm reality of living the Power of Love.

This energy is not only awakening a fuller recognition of who we are, it is creating us to be an advanced species by awakening dormant DNA and abilities we as a species had shunned. It will also awaken in us changing nutritional needs to maintain this frequency in balance with the physical form, we must remember we are Spiritual Emotional Mental Physical form and all are designed to function in concert of harmonic balance so we can attain our highest resonance., so each must be maintained at it's own frequency level. During 2011 we experience 6 eclipses involving extremely rare complex encoded energy especially the 3 eclipses between the period of linear time we express as May 20th to July 1st. Eclipses are periods when we can master the areas in which they cast there energy in our natal chart. This is designed by us as an outer expression of our inner selves and is part of our personal and collective consciousness expression of enlightenment into the next 26,000 year cycle where we will express ourselves in a new reality. As we move through it I'll share with you projections and direction signs you can contemplate for your own path in your own way. We are in this together, we are all aspects of the whole thus we may function individually but move as One.

By spring we will all awaken to the energy around us and notice it to where we can react in the Now without questioning the past or future, and all this will place you confidently living the Present Moment. It is a time we place confidence within our own knowing and that of others as we become more sensitive to all frequency and our ability to react to it ...We will feel how we are expected to stand completely in the power of who we are as our highest possible frequency in each moment by being totally present in it. We are changing / transforming / evolving and this is the year you will go beyond just believing and thinking it, and start to experience it.
Happy New Year with Blessing of Fulfillment

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