Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan. 4th SOLAR ECLIPSE Sets The Tone

Anyone watching the news knows January 4th there is a partial Solar Eclipse visible from much of Europe, North Africa and central Asia, which is the follow up to a December 21st total Lunar Eclipse. Even if not into astrology many, if not most are feeling the power of these transits via the changes which are occurring in their lives with a Lunar Eclipses projecting endings then shining light on the end of the tunnel to the Solar Eclipses new beginning. This refreshes and manifest intent of our desires by taking place 13 degrees 39 minutes of Capricorn, conjunct fixed star Ascella at the time of a new moon. Again check out were Capricorn is in your natal chart to know what tone your beginnings will take in your life. Despite the square to Saturn the influence is happy, good fortune, and optimism for settling down to work in harmony rebuilding and reconnecting broken bonds to pull humanity together in trust and acceptance. The cosmic energy we are working under is a real power house:
(Past)December 21,2010 Lunar Eclipse ended or broke up restrictions
Mercury completed retro- backspin December 30th allowing forward motion
(Present) making way for January 4th Triple Star Eclipse :
(a) New Moon - New Beginning
(b) Quadrantids Meteor Shower : Brings Enhanced Manifestation
(c) Solar Eclipse- Transition and New Beginnings
So at the onset of this 2011 we've cleared obstacles to reinvent ourselves.

The year 2010 was the rollercoaster with an Emotional Energy Wave, but we got through the Grand Cardinal Cross and super Solstice and with this January 4th eclipse along with the last of three Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions occurring within four hours of the eclipse to go exact, plus Neptune and Chiron now being direct it signals promoting further new manifestations and clearly states we are in a Energy Wave of Sensing Self and Creating or Manifesting our newly desired reality! What this becomes and how far you personally choose to lift your frequency is completely up to individual desire.....One thing for sure 2011 promise to be an intense year bringing us closer to self realization of the new super human and these cosmic events are laying the red carpet for us to walk this entire year..It's quite apparent as this year is also called the Year of the Dragon Fly which represents metamorphosis by Shaman which takes us from swimming to flying as our movement thought life. Also a prime indication is in Numerology as a 22/4 year. A master number year. The number 22 is ruled by Pluto. The number 4 is ruled by Saturn. Saturn brings reality. Pluto brings change/transformation. All signs point to this setting the tone for this being a power house year far beyond anything we've yet known.

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