Friday, February 11, 2011

CHIRON Wounded Healer of the Shift

Chiron on February 8th entered Pisces..what house is Pisces in your chart?
This house occupancy will be an overtone to everything I'm about to say. In other words if it's in your 10th house it will play out in your outer world with the public and perhaps your business or work world. If in your 4th house it will be more family oriented. Ok. Chiron is a great little rock that we only became aware of in 1977 so we know about it but don't have a long running track record of validation yet. But we are pretty confident in calling it the Wounded Healer...It moves into an area with energy to bring to the surface where you have been hurt or wounded offering you support for healing within you.. Now it's in Pisces which is a deeply spiritual sign, myself I think of the Christed persona of Jesus when I think Pisces. (there have been many Pisces in my life in various capacities so I'm familiars) Chiron in Greek mythology is the human from the waist up and horse from the waist down. It is still in waver as to being a asteroid or comet. Thus to me I'm intuiting it is going to get us to do some thinking about our animal nature that caused these woundings in the first place. Further intuition says this little rock heals the human perception by taking it to a higher spiritually conscious level, and being in Pisces only gives this a powerful boost of spirituality. Now I'm not saying Christ or Christ Jesus when referring to Christed, this is strictly a descriptive of the consciousness level of higher spiritually consciousness. (but it is the one held by Christ and those likened to him such as Buddha) It takes it away form the physical based human ego thinking, so by viewing thing with non judging acceptance and unconditional love rather than a thinking which see things outside the self in our human survival mode.

Chiron will be in Pisces approximately 8 years helping you to dig up all those deep wounds holding you in human ego so you can not release the limiting concepts that hold your resonance from fully expanding. Wounds do this as the leave scars (as above so below) just as the physical scar tightens and restrict free movement of the flesh this restricts free movement of frequency expansion. These deep wounding may require counselling or some work from one of the energy modalities. It certainly will require all us to keep check on the balance and alignment of our energy via chakras. We can get to much of this stuff through meditation of going within, then not judging and loving ourselves for having chosen the experience as a means of expanding consciousness. Accepting we Chose IT and created IT for our greater good, and by recognizing IT now s we can heal it remove limitation by the self healing of the frequency we are as beings.

Chiron inserted itself into our reality at the proper time so it could playing a powerful role in our lives for consciousness shifting, it is way more important to humanity than what most astrologers give it credit for. It really is kind of our ride into the new cycle to become whole and complete by removing old beliefs of limitation which created those wounds for us to notice in the first place. It's creating the path of self healing we need as we're moving into what we in this plane view as the next 26,000 year cycle of human experience.

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