Monday, February 21, 2011

Astronomy Shows It's a New Age

Another Sync Solar Flairs, this connected the video which is posted and you really need take the couple minutes to watch..It's short. At the same time I was seeing how there is still a great deal of bantering and deception as to these times being The End Times or a New Beginning. So right here I'll say these are Belief System and regardless of which you hold, logical intellect devoid of emotion is required at some point so you stop debating to recognize how you are both right.
The video shows this is a
         End Times with a New Beginning
Astronomers tell us this is the normal cycle as Earth turns on her axis which has occurred before and the planet survived to continue in it's natural cycle of evolutionary consciousness expansion. It is a rare occurring only every 26,000 years, but it's a natural cycle which does not end or destroy the planet. It may transform the planet as we know it in our modern times, but the planet will remain and we can create something anew after the Magnetic Pole shifts and possibility even the Physical Pole shifts. I simply think of it as remodeling our residence and as far as I'm concerned this offers great excitement and adventure.

The cycles are called a Precession of Equinoxes, ancients who lived with nature turned to the cosmos regulating their lives by these cycles. They understood there were cycles within cycles, and this longest cycle where Earths axis moved through 12 constellations was referred to as the AGES. Presently we are leaving the Age of Pisces to enter the Age of Aquarius with it's new Consciousness Energy characteristics. We are however, not just moving into a new age, this time is a period when all the cycles within cycles merge and aline in completion of this cycle and it occurs only every 26,000 years, then we begin a new cycle lasting another 26,000 years. With each major cycle concluding energy frequency of consciousness increases or up grades partly caused by magnetic disturbances occurring when all these cosmic bodies come together in this manor. Astronomers and Geologist have read how these alignments caused physical eruptions as disturbance in the past, and this is where these predictions derived. Several ancient cultures claim their ancestors lived then (even though science sees no proof of it) and their wisdom keepers have passed  stories on with prophesy that many  still adhere to in the present day.

Now frankly my spirit guidance reminds me of many things we won't speak of here, but mainly to not forget the childhood  game "Whisper Down the Lane" and these tails having been spun down that lane for over 26,000 years to possibly be distorted. Reminded also consciousness of humankind perceives life events much different today than at that time. Their perception ran from highly magical because they lacked the intellect to understand to the highly esoteric spiritual world as their shaman lived in what is many dimensions. We have been live within the 3rd D physical reality, which is no more real than other dimension but it is the one most of humanity associates itself with, thus this is where our understanding and awareness lies at this time. Many planetary events may take place, we know even science says the Hertz Resonance is raising and the Magnetics are decreasing and this indicates a not just the Magnetic Pole Shift we are seeing but a Physical Pole Shift is possible. Thus it's important to recognize all is energy and of varying frequency and like frequency seeks like. So the frequency we hole is the frequency of any experience that occurs. We can all stand in the same spot and will experience any earth even at the frequency level we are the expression of. This is what all the chakras balancing and being in our heart center rather than human mind is all about...Building a higher frequency within us that resonates likeness of  a loving peaceful harmonic of Unity Consciousness. 

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