Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thinking From Our Heart

Hard to believe spring is here, next week end in the U.S. we turn our clocks back in daylight savings time. Winter really flew this year seems it should be only mid season. Maybe cause it was extremely cold with snow staying it preventing the dull skies overriding the season, or maybe it's cause as Gregg Braden described we are closer to that Zero Point with time appearing to speeding up due to the rhythm of the universal energy and our cramming so much more into each moment. Funny thing about time, when we're kids summer seems so long, as adults it's over before we know it, and those times we get involved in creativity and look up to wonder where the time went on the clocks as hours seemed like only minutes. This unquestionably explains by example what living in the NOW Moment of Being Present is. It's when we are totally absorbed in the moment that we completely do what we call loose track of time...we then in that moment are living truth of how our thoughts create time as reality showing it's really an illusion. You do know once we transform the concept in our beliefs, we will begin to unravel many more truths and have at our finger-tips on wonders we now call magic and think of as occult wizardry. The shaman of old knew how to get off the time track, they could within their mind step out of it which placed them in what is a different dimensional perceptions...It's all about perception...Perception becomes the reality we experience. It becomes the energy of us and then becomes us, it's why we use that term Cellular Memory. Our cells remember and continue to perceive the life reality of that energy.

Perception is a powerful tool in our bag of tricks for manifesting. Once we transform beliefs the perception changes and so do the thoughts being programed into the cell structure for manifesting us as this human being. Cellular memory is dominant within us, presently I'm reading a book by Paul Pearsail PhD called "Heart Code". It's giving examples of cellular memory in the heart that has been used in a Heart Transplant. In case after case the receiver takes on memory action and preferences of the donor heart. What this validates for us is that it's the Heart which does our programing and actually our thinking then sends it to the brain to process throughout the remainder of our body. Here is the reason the Heart is formed in the fetus first before the body or brain...The heart coordinates the life process. From the heart each progressive division of cells learns exactly what it is to become and as long as that heart functions it continues to direct the entire mechanism. We know this cause medicine reports the body can live when the brain has no activity, but when the heart stops beating it's all over. Somehow over the course of human evolution we took on a belief and perceived the mind to be where all function and thought derived. In truth it's the heart where life begins, it's the cells that are directly connected to the essence of our soul. Our deepest emotions are felt in the heart, we grab our heart area (chest) in extreme excitement and it's our heart that races in fear before we ever think the moment through. For anyone recognizing this it's suddenly so clear how/why our world has become so detached from it's spirit of self, cause we have been thinking from the wrong organ. The indigenous man has told us this from the very beginning and we are only now beginning to listen cause science is showing it to us via the transplanted Heart's expression.

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