Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mercury the Age of Aquarius Messenger

Just read an article about Mercury being in the sign Aquarius from February 3rd to the 21st... Mercury is the messenger and Aquarius the rebel or sign of revolutionary acts. Interesting considering what is going on in Egypt. Personally I'm sensing this is the messenger of the Age of Aquarius making it's statement of Equality, through the Children of the Shift as they simply know without question what must be done and do so with out direction or leadership. To top it all off they are promoting the new picture of economy with a Non-Value system of simply offering what is available and taking only that which is needed, so all get what they desire and cleaning up their own mess. BEAUTIFUL.

Here I've actually got to say how a friend and astrologer told me they see Aquarius more as the sign of Coming into our own Uniqueness. I do feel this is a more appropriate definition in line with the loving nature of the new paradigm than seeing it as an energy of rebellion.

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