Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2/2 NEW MOON in Aquarius sign of Rebellion

Today will mention only something about how this Egyptian revolution is going to effect the entire world due the connections with the World Bank. This is Outer World and that is not were our true creation of reality derives, so we need not fear if we are building our resonance to it highest spiritual quotient. The Outer World is where we thought it came from in our old paradigm thinking, but we know different in this new paradigm. It sure took us a long time to recognize since it was stated well over 2000 years ago in the various Holy Books...But that's how we chose to be ~ slow learners by pealing away the layers of the onion one at a time. Once again the cosmic energy and stellar transits are providing us directional signals as to what's occurring, allowing us opportunity to choose the direction our path shall take. The most profound thing is how the stellar events back in December with Pluto and 29degree Lunar Eclipse Endings all played into this Egyptian revolution to end their suppression at the time for the New Beginning with this current New Moon in Aquarius which is the sign of "revolution and change". I mean how powerful a sign is that that there be validity to Astrology and the energy it expresses.

On February 2nd we have a New Moon in Aquarius 14degrees it's home of the 11th house. As you all know I've been going through massive transformations since December with the two eclipses. This new moon is kind of the culminating period of bringing it all into clarity of what changes will manifest. As you watch this video you'll hear the connections to my past couple blogs regarding view of rebellion being more a silent statement with a low profile for myself. Also keep in mind how this Egyptian rebellion is playing out also. Uranus the Aquarius ruler is in the last degrees of Pisces in near conjunction my own natal Venus and Ascendant in Aries indicating for me the time is ripe to break old patterns or habits (perhaps the People Pleasing Fixer) and that other stuff that blinds me, just as Egypt is doing the same for herself. It is the same for others, you included, according to how this New Moon aspects your natal planets and the the house Aquarius is in your chart.

The Aquarius Moon is unpredictable, friendly, with humanitarian interests in some way (for me sharing Enlightenment with the world and for Egypt a revolution and overthrow of their government) . So for those born within 3 days of February 2 or those who have planets & house angles around 14 degrees Aquarius you may experience the effects of this new moon stronger than most. My natal moon is 2degrees Aquarius so I have a more subtle effect than a huge revolution but none the less a huge transformation. Here were we can all take note of our re-birthing or new beginning this month in the house with Aquarius.

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