Friday, March 25, 2011

ABOUT Our Connection To EAGLES

What they(which in reality is ourselves) failed to remember is nothing is
separate, all is inner-connected via that vast Universal Field of Energy which Physics has now recognized. By the failure our intellectuals began to need proof, and by not seeing the energy within all things view it as primitive occultism. Now we are returning to this old awareness, sensing how all inner-acts for the benefit of the whole and how our higher-mind projects into physical as the experience of expansion we the consciousness of energy is here to share. The idea animals come into our reference point as teachers or guide posts is once again being recognized as the indigenous peoples show us their inner-connectedness to ourselves. We are seeing the magic of shamanism is not magic but other realities our higher-mind shares in. Here lies my sensing Eagles on internet cam were brought to me by my departed sister through her energy as all exists in the same space simply as differently resonating frequencies. It's quite interesting to note at this juncture in my life how the qualities Eagles embrace that which I now experience and strive to become.

Eagles as totems are embraced by the indigenous as Sacred Messenger's! It's a symbol of courage, vision, strength and endurance. Eagles need isolation in the wild to prosper in a singular walk were freedom is vital facing life on its terms, thus I can see why sister chose the eagle as this is me. It denotes my life creed that people must be free to choose their own paths and we should be accepting of this. Both male and female raise the young and live in balance equality which has been significant in my relationships. Spending hours perched on a limb they are teachers of master in patience. It's said those to whom the eagle comes are granted the ability to rise above the material world spiritually see and hear beyond with powerful balance dignity and grace of an eagle.
All this hold true in my present life.

When the animal kingdom comes to you in strange circumstances or repeatedly their energy is trying to merge with yours as directional signs on your journey so you can be the Path you have chosen to Experience.

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