Thursday, March 24, 2011

About Outer Reflections

They never told us emotions, while one of our loveliest qualities, are also what is most likely to create our limitations and thus put our energy bodies out of balance. Once we get tied up in emotional thought and feelings that become physical the logical intellect takes a back seat, emotions then become our own worse enemy. Typing this while watching the eagle cam so as to keep in mind how eagles have become the program of my outer reflection based upon my inner frequency. On one of cam sites there was a Territory War, with the world situation I could only think war having no relationship in my personal life, in time it was sensed war had nothing to do with what was a common battle between an older and younger female for prime nesting territory. So it is not war or the What I should be noticing but the Why. Since I'm approaching the ripe old age of 69, this is a reflection of the situation I'm placed in. It's time for me to take the back nest, the less advantageous spotlight, allowing the next generation to take over with their new perception in this process of creating the new paradigm. Now it doesn't in any way mean I stop laying my eggs. as I'm quite viable and able to carry on productively in life. It is more a case of the stronger genes being born with all the stuff I'm having to transform as we move into this new cycle of higher frequency. It's a matter of new generations designing their own reality that lays ahead and we elders providing guidance only.This is WOW revelation.

If anything it's a relief and a release of the pressing responsibility carried through this lifetime to be the barer of the news. Just to know you no longer are in the front row says it's time for self, if you feel you must relax, you can and you don't need to be creating what is to become the experience of the newer generation. It's time for the younger crowd to stepping up to do the work for the offspring who will carry much different and more modern attitudes. In other words we of a certain generation don't have to transform all our programing we can still stand on the stare in the back ground of support wearing our 60's hippie cloths while they new generations create from their perception in their new shinny futuristic garb.

So the eagles reflect yet another way in which outer reality has presented itself to guide me on my path...... We are our Path ....
Hope your observing yours!
P.S. now I know why I held on to the picture she looks like a eagle..a over-baked regal ol broad
Now here is a really personal note...........The picture at the top came to me at the time my younger sister disengage this life focus...With her years of illness she lost weight and became very dried and old looking beyond her years. And I can hear my sister laughing at all this..after all she did say she'd haunt me.
This reminded me of can't believe how close it is.....NOW I know How / Why and WHO the Eagles are in my life........She has sent her energy to me via them to speak to me as a teacher.

Comments and discussion is welcome .. it's how we share our wisdom

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