Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Creating The Evolved Us

People are strange, maybe this is why I honestly understand animals better, they act without emotion and ego, they do logical things to sustain and expand life rather than complicate it. What makes me think of this are events on one of the eagle cams I watch where nature happened in the wild and a territory battle took place were a new hatched eaglet was mortally injured. Sad and something I choose not to watch knowing humans can not control the habits of other species. However, there were those expecting some human to interfer and control the situation according to human rules and beliefs. It's that prevailing attitude of I'm right and your wrong being expressed. We found it evil and horrid to watch in this species yet we continue to do the same ourselves...When do these reflections we place before us get recognized for what they are as our inner selves crying out so we recognize our self in this.This really makes me laugh being American as this country was founded by those seeking their freedoms, who then tell the native occupants here when they arrived that they were wrong in their beliefs and forced what they considered right on them. They became the same thing they fled. How can an intelligent beings not have seen this, and we are still doing it today ~~ that I'm Right Your Wrong thing~~

These eagles are a reflection of what we are still doing to each other. There is a lesson for all to learn that we can all live as we choose when we don't infringe on the rights of other to do the same. Each species will in it's own time learn these lessons, this is what evolution is. Evolving to become the highest frequency expression we can be is called enlightenment, because like our fiber-optic photon light carrying information we evolve to carry more photon light of awareness within. It's a process which this reality is based upon. It's were we are headed in all this talk of 2012 and consciousness being shifted into higher vibrating frequencies. The vibration increases, moves faster with the more light carrying information or awareness and we Enlighten and Evolution to become more. They go hand in hand as all creation moves up the frequencies of the field of unified consciousness scales, and we are in the process of moving from one octave to the next highest as we vibrate past this linear 2012 marker.

P.S. I just love this picture of us creating us as we expand.
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