Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Mother Earth Singing in Tibetan Monks Spirit Cave

Spent 12years with a guy who was far more aware than he recognized. Around 2001 /02 I began hearing constant strange sound which resembled humming from a cave or a huge empty room with something like an echo that didn't exist. I knew this came from Mother Earth, but said nothing about that. Ask if he heard it and he said he had and was sure it was the planet singing. The sounds in this tape are very similar, clearer and way louder than what I heard, but the same song. In it I hear the Solfeggio Frequencies which individually effect my entire body system in a vibratory way through my chakras. There is a post that goes with this video but not necessarily worthy of a read as it's only guessing not of the true nature of these sounds. You can connect to it by going to YouTube directly if you want.

There were many people having much to say about how this is Mother Earth's pain...Below is my response via YouTube comments:
"Important thing for all to understand. It is only a human concept that there is Negative and Positive "the Universe only knows Different" all to source is equal just different. I've heard these sounds for years they are the planet, it is her song not her pain. It is you placing the concept of good/bad neg/pos pleasure/pain on what your hear with judging from perception of values only humans hold. Time we Learn to listen to the universal neutral with our heart not our head"

These sounds are heard by Tibetan Monks in "Spirit Cave" and recorded by Russians. They claim them to be guardians calling forth the Gods at this time of earths rebirth into a new age. I know them as Mother Earth's song, the one she constantly sings which is her frequency devised by consciousness. It is heard in the frequency Tones of her Essence, and what she is, what she has become and what she is becoming, and can be viewed in her Aura. If you could (and some day we all will hear and see all things this way as frequency) it is our ESSENCE who we are as a Aspect of the Unified Consciousness. It is the same as my universal tone which has been translated into words for human recognition as
the song I am ~~~aKuna Kumara DeAhDeRa Antahra
Listen enjoy meeting Mother Earth as the true ESSENCE she is in the moment of that recording.

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