Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Paradigm Economic Value System of NEED

Can't tell you how I hate to complain about life, maybe this is why I have few friends when needing someone to talk to. Found talking with other always somehow moves us toward our own inner answers because in truth our problems are their problems cause we are all Aspects of the ONE. Many come to me, but there is no one their to reciprocate. Well actually there is, but when others are in their vortex of happiness I just can't bring myself to disturb them with my problems. This is one thing great about blogs you get to bitch and if people don't want to hear they don't comment. In the last two blogs I've vented personal mundane problems and via comments managed to see what they were all about or I should say why I chose to reflect them as my life. We all do this if we would just take note of it. Whatever occurs in our life is a direct reflection of our inner frequency. Quite often this is tranquil or joyful, at others not so, then there are those times when if you really delve you'll find what is being expressed is to show you where transformation or change is needed so you can live your desire to stay in the vortex where we resonate at our highest harmony. .

Now the VORTEX is simply the place where your living your inner souls desire... Strangely I've spent most of my life there, which is what makes the past few years so harsh to me when an adult son returned home as catalyst for my consciousness transformation on a worldly basis. The spiritual has always come very natural with no abrasion, but the outer world changes, the transformations in deep beliefs to change lifestyles and attitudes and social standards is very hard. cause I'm not doing just for self but setting an example for others. I'm a proper person who doesn't infringe, follows the rules and rebels silently.Now I always knew I was an undercover rebel with my Aquarius moon. I'm a silent non-conformist and no one notices if you keep a low profile. However these days I'm not so low profile cause I'm really bucking society and others are suppose to see it. Our economy having gone to the dogs it's time to set new standards and the greater masses are still opposing this. Both Egypt and Japan are showing this in their time of stress. It's likened to my offering my adult son a home for free so he can get his life in order in exchange for maintenance on the properties. Now this appeared to be new order paradigm so I couldn't figure over the past few years why this had become such a disharmony in my life. with him. Recently I've come to recognize my mistake was giving with expectation - this is old paradigm. The object of putting out what we have to share and those in need taking, is to be done by placing no value on what is given. It's there for the taking and when we all do this we all find what we need is always there when we need it for our taking as the return.You don't have to supply an equal value in return. It's a non-value system where in the end we all simply get what we need.........

The problem for me was having expectation of repairs being done in exchange for space offered which without recripocation is far more than is offered (cause I still have to pay $ for repairs then) but it's being taken and not really offered. Thus anger. My mistake because this can only rise if I'm still carrying old paradigm beliefs of an economic value system. All said and done, this is why I've been angry cause I'm putting out energy that should keep me in my Vortex without realizing the underlying old value system beliefs still have me expecting something of equal value exchange in return. A Non-value System places no value, it's shared graciously with gratitude for having it to share... WOW Here is another whole new level of awareness to try and master in the higher frequency paradigm.

P.S. We talked about this with EGYPT when we saw people putting computers phones ipads food etc in the square for whoever needed them and how the returned them when the need no longer existed.
Here is a email from Japan that tells of the same kind of sharing in a Value System Need or a non-value economic value system. Unbelievelable how again there are so many sysc's to awaken the new paradigm.
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