Monday, March 14, 2011

What Just Happened ?

The energy today is so odd I can't put a finger on it.???? It's like nothing I've ever experienced before. Maybe it's that of the Day After and at the same time knowing the other shoe has yet to drop. One thing for sure we all seem to have been left speechless, cause all we're dong is re-posting reruns of Friday or subject directly connected as the possibilities. Couldn't figure the energy so I ask spirit "What is It, I Don't Recognize" the answer was simple.
"they realize This is the time spoken of."

They ~Humanity~ OPOM "Other Parts Of Myself" of Source, have just at what ever level they embrace it realized Mother Earth is creating her Shift, or what some call End Times. Rather than admit the realization they have been silenced, shoving truth back down, just as victims of rape and abuse deny what happened. rather than admit to self. It's easier than facing the fear of their truth. So here I am cause I've been talking about this time for years, this time when Mother Earth and Humanity will together shift consciousness into a new ascending energy reality. Either you accept or you go down trying to reject and most have left themselves uncommitted so yet wallow. Now is decision time to remain in the fear created for humanity in the old paradigm, waiting to be saved or choosing to step into a spiritually higher resonating frequency in which you can create a new paradigm reality.

I hardly have the energy or the words to say it again,,,,But

It is from within, your beliefs become the filter through how you think of anything encountered in your outer reality...This doesn't mean the outer reality will be beautiful and all coming up roses, it means that even if your slopping around in sewage your doing it with love and acceptance from your heart as One in Unified Consciousness. It is this thinking and living from our heart that uses the sludge to grow roses.............!
It was said out of ashes the Phoenix shall rise.

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