Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bending and Blending with Change

These are the times spoken of, there is little denying it by anyone even those not wanting to believe. They are not End Times they are the End of a Cycle of Times as we know them and the Beginning of a New Cycle . Oneson been in an off mood lately, depressed, no reason the energy just isn't right with him and he's not alone so many are mentioning this. I went through it to for a day realizing in that moment this was me being out of balance, out of sync with the energy that was so rapidly transforming. It also was me being out of the vortex of my highest state of desire. With all this rain we have been getting a half the sun needed so I'm going to be sure to bask in it the few hours we're offered. Horses are feeling nasty too, they can see and smell grass growing but too wet to let them out or they'd turn it into a mud plot in a few hours. Garden was turned once needs it again if it ever drys enough so we can get seed in, as it is they'd only rot. The bright side is moved here 45yrs ago have separated the original Daffodils many times, they were always hit and miss on blossoming and I'd read where the bulbs were spent with age. Seems this year they have chosen rebirth as there are huge profuse blooms everywhere, which are healthy and happy with their bright yellow heads peaking from behind rocks and trees even in the woods. Guess it's a reflection of my inner frequency, cause it is sort of how I feel, like I'm peaking out from behind the door rather than be in mud but I'm happy, healthy and brightly beaming with joy to feel spring. Ordered three Gogi Berry bushes on eBay, due three at the price wanting to make sure they really are going to grow in this weather and not be cross pollinated by our wild berry's. We've several types of wild that have been fine for all the years we've been here. It's a start with Gogi's which are a healthy life force and I may just order more? Will see how the balance of this growing season goes and what must be done to get things to grow this year. "Changing Times must be worked WITH Not Against"

Seeds planted a few weeks ago when into bigger pots and didn't make it. Will replant this week and in two weeks it "WILL BE" dry enough for them to go to open garden. I think/no I know. "That" wasn't done with the last seeds as I walked away and gave concentration of the flooding rains and not healthy seed growth. Now I know not everyone goes for this thinking, but it is the way of the new CYCLE Energy we're moving into. Frequency is changing to a new octave vibration, and the concepts under which that vibration functions in harmony is also changing. Old ways just won't be harmonic, either we learn to accept these changes or we'll not find discordant experiences which will expand the discord in our life. It's sort of like TNT where two opposing frequencies ignite and explode instead of blending into a new entity as one symphony. Example: our spring weather conditions have changed, either we work with them or any gardening effort will fail. In the moment no one is sure what the new conditions will settle into, but I'm bending to find harmony in each moment as they transform. The trick is to not become discouraged or lower my frequency, knowing that the highest frequency I can muster will feed back to me the highest frequency life force towards any experience I'm expressing. In these moments the Cycles are still changing and will eventually settle into a vibration which is harmonic with our own highest frequency of blissful joy.

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