Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter A Tough Egg to Crack

Even the good things end up being hard choices these days. Daughter invited us to Easter Dinner, biggie for her since she works and endlessly carts her boys 10 & 12 to meetings and sports. She is a good example of making the best of life as husband who is all about self use to argue about getting His house dirty so holidays were eat-out occasions if someone didn't cook for them, guess the economy has effected his business income.? She manages to create her own happiness, something she says she learned from me. My reservation on the invite was IF they had the sport channel so I could watch Flyers Hockey which is in playoffs. It's 2 & 2, 5th game Friday, 6th on Sunday (Best of 7) it makes that one game the determiner of being in finals played at dinner hour 3-7p.m. Having watched every game all season doesn't want to miss the one. Said she'd cook dinner and bring it cause they don't have the channel, not only unfair to her, boys will be stuck inside with rain and none of their techie stuff. It's impossible to socialize while watching a game with visitors that aren't interested. Maybe not so good when a sport comes before family, but these days family is somewhat stressful even without the other. Love them, but they totally live old paradigm reality where life centers around materialism of Money, Education, Titles and Possessions. Understand and accept that as their choice, having been part of the old paradigm concept, but, they are completely closed minded to new paradigm beliefs. or even the idea that this a New Cycle for humanity. This makes any visit unrealistic causing me to step back into that illusion that is no longer my reality, when open conversation is turned off as their religion holds them in a mind set that says anything but their belief is blasphemy (this is Easter).
Love them, but!

For sake of feelings considered going, for sake of my struggle to hold resonance it's highest considered not. Ahh and having just typing that realized here lies another test for me being the People Pleaser, knowing it's time for me to please me and not put others first. Even more important is placing self in the position of least resistance to holding the highest inner frequency. As this thought came to mind I realize the invitation started with how her husbands family was all busy doing other stuff, so she'd have us for dinner. It sounds petty, but truth is it's others doing their pleasure first and me being secondary, so I shouldn't feel guilt in doing same. THIS is me putting the check on myself (another test) to assure I've learned the lesson to not be a PP and applying it to my experience in this focus. A little thing but a huge transformation in underlying beliefs held in the Cellular Memory of my Body Consciousness. This is a necessary lesson of learning how to hold our own resonance highest regardless of what is occurring in the outer world. A tough Egg to crack but I've finally learned to do it.
(I believe it was Bashar who said we need to fit others into our reality not us into theirs)

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