Thursday, April 14, 2011

How You Set the Rules

Wonder if any human ever was really healthy? or what we think of as healthy? Perhaps a few indigenous cultures but as a whole I doubt it, cause when man was new he had to hunt food it took generations to learn what to eat and history shows us those going before us had a hard life and lived only short periods of apex.30years. Yet we know the Biblical says life to 700 and 900 years was common. Some say they didn't record years it was the moon cycles, which would work out to 60+years being roughly between 700 to 900 months not years. Age isn't my point, it's that much of humanities food source naturally grows in non rich soils and therefore could never be depended upon in quantity or quality amounts as nutrition. When we in modern times concern ourselves with quantity and quality it's cause we developed this perception as something new. The idea today that we go back to the origin of healthier eating can apply to only one thing and this is food being natural organic without chemicals we apply to grow more, faster, bigger, and prettier. So it is from here I began wondering what was the original blueprint we set down for human as norm for food to sustain the physical in health and longevity? Then Spirit Consciousness pipes up to say there was no norm in food or nutrition requirements programed into the original human blueprint. It was all about simply thinking the self to be what we desired to be.. WOW now that is some awareness!

No norm or standard required to maintain average health or age. Wow Wow wow. This was then explained as our being created or brought into being via our desire to become, to grow and simply be. The condition and length programed in the very original blueprint was simply based upon desire from the inner self to exist and the energy become. You could live on no food and maintain a lengthy healthy life. (ie: this is what some belief systems train themselves to do) The irony there is that it's natural ! We simply fail to remember that existing in this physical form is a process of our soul gathered particles carrying a desire to become. What we need to sustain the physical is what we train our Body Consciousness to hold as a Cellular Memory to remain being in this physical resonance level. So if it's memory is AIR that that is all that it needs to continue existing.

From here I asked then how come if we don't eat we die, and if we eat to much we get so fat. Spirits reply was simply "because" this is the Consciousness you as a human has chosen to hold with your DNA and Cellular structure as the program of choice which continues to run your remaining physical. It's in that deepest sub-levels of mental programing. in each individual aspect which incarnates as well as in the collective. This is a Powerhouse of knowledge to hold, because it means that if humans would re-train what their Body Consciousness of Cellular Memory held they would not need be concerned about toxins in food or for that matter ever having food in the first place as it strictly what Body holds in it's
Consciousness that determines their physical existence.
We could by reprogram our Body Consciousness live on Air ~~~~ ah the wisdonmof the Yoga's coming full circle.

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