Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cellular Memory Consciousness Transformation

Doing work on ourselves isn't always fun but interesting and necessary if it's our desire to live in harmony in the new energy cycle beyond 2012. It will also be easiest on us if we do much of it now so we can remain more balance during the 2012 period. We'll live in new ethics as well as inner act from knowing all our outer stuff of life is our own inner vibration being reflected as our experience. There will be no blame on others and no victim-hood involved, knowing it is all a reflection of ourselves and we will deal with it from this point! Middle of last night I woke with powerful strange feelings which could only be described as something akin to fear, but more a being on guard thing than a happening to be feared. So I was waiting unmotivated to act on it. But nothing was happening other than rain on the aluminum barn roof and didn't appear I'd been dreaming. This morning began reading a blog posted by stillwandering, it's a channeled Elias (an energy being) Session which she often posts via a Flicker friend Sher who does the research. Valuable stuff if interested all the addy's are in her post. With this it was realized this is my way of making me "Notice" the feeling within me need to find re-balancing within the new energy. It all goes hand and hand in transforming beliefs and accepting new feelings that will become part of our cellular memory consciousness also.

This post is about feelings and how the ones we have today are often formed from events in childhood. So a hand gesture, sound, odor, color, can be create from cellular memory a feeling which rises today, but in no way relates to what is actually occurring in the moment. These feeling called cellular memory are a normal part of the entire body consciousness. Through life all we experience is recorded in cellular memory of body consciousness and we draw on it as part of our survival mechanism later. In this present time the energy of the moment is no longer what it was when these recordings were made and our perception is much different having awakened new awareness, this memory and the present energy aren't a match and we'll find this frustrating and unfamiliar until they align. Elias tapped me on the shoulder during the night here in the U.S. to clue me into what he wanted to remind me of, that Tracy was posting in blog as her day in Spain was just getting underway. (a form of Traveling Space-time) All this new awareness we are applying to our perceptions filters are having an effect we'll begin to feel and experience regularly and it will occur more strongly as we closer approach zero point of 2012 as the veil between the old and new cycle energy thins. The changing frequencies of cosmic cycles is valid and we are all now sensing and feeling them as they begin to transform the energy in us and the planet. This video posted from my blog yesterday will explain the new concepts which are being activated in our awareness that are causing this effect.

The below post is what Elias has to say about how this effect you =
entire post :
Elias says:
"*Individuals may be experiencing what they think of as a lack of motivation, but it is not actually a lack of motivation. It is a lack of motivation in relation to what is familiar.
*one significant factor that is being affected is the body consciousness. For, you think that memory is held or stored in your mind. Memory is not stored in your mind. Memory is stored in your body consciousness. Every experience that you have ever engaged has been logged and stored and retained in your body consciousness. This is actually a very efficient action for you. For when you generate new experiences, your body consciousness retains old experiences and can reference them, which allows you to engage your thought mechanism to reason and to provide yourselves with logical or rational explanations for what you are experiencing. The difficulty presently is that you are moving into a time framework and an energy and experiences that are new. They are unfamiliar and some of which are even unknown.
*you are not necessarily uncomfortable, but you are feeling and you generate frustration in not understanding how to eliminate the confusion and continue on with the comfort. Therefore, you search for some reason of what is occurring. Perhaps you may offer yourselves outside reasons, that there is tremendous energy being expressed, that your world is in tremendous upheaval. But in actuality, it is the unfamiliarity of experiencing different. You ARE shifting, and you are evidencing that to yourselves now."

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