Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Science of Choosing to Create

We all carry our own beliefs, to it's credit humanity has come to a point were it's not lured by words or beliefs of others as it has truly begun to think for itself, something which it did little of 1000 years ago. How do I know, I remember life focuses of that time, also it's evident in the way religion gained believers far beyond what the government it was connected to deemed so. Europe and even the U.S. founded on religious freedom developed government based upon it's founders religious belief systems. Thus, it is you don't have to be Christian to be steeped in beliefs which denote being saved from victim-hood by something or one outside ourselves. These basic beliefs have spread vast root systems into all facets of life which are so firmly seated in our cellular memory we can hardly begin to recognize all the tentacles of belief. Today humans still struggle to release the rooted beliefs which were so obviously used to keep us from knowing the power of our true selves even though avatars such as Jesus told us we were capable of everything he did and more.. Words twisted and secrets withheld have slowly come to light, but even as we recognize this the root systems of our cellular memory go so deep we express one belief and act upon another from our heart center. This even effects those who are functioning from both Physical and Higher Mind, it's perhaps most evident here until one completely merges expression from mainly Higher Mind by "being in this world, but not of it".

Words all to often lack to express this concept, but science fortunately is
coming to the rescue with supportive evidence to express it. Here I'm thinking of this idea that we as aspects of the whole are the creators of our individual version of reality. Science show how strings of consciousness activate to become particles only upon observation. This this says we choose being. This is a hard transformation to make in our mind as the transformation is that which has rooted itself so deeply in the human collective mind leading us away from knowing our own power. That premise of our being victims of fate dependent on sources outside our self is actually safer than recognizing we not only have the power but are completely responsible for creation of our own reality. Only when one transforms perception to understand all is Energy merged as one with the Eternal Field called God or the Matrix is recognition of our that power of self possible fully as a belief system to function within. Thus, until then will we be in denial of our creating out of choice all that we express as frequencies in our physical version of reality. We can point fingers oat other or take responsibility for having created a reality of victim-hood to experience. We can also look upon this 2012 as our creating a deliberate change in perception to experience something different and more to continue the exponstential expansion of the Matrix Field God Source of All Things as aspects or expressions of this field. The more you come to view yourself as a vibrational facet of this field the more you will come to understand how you choose what you have created as your Version of Reality.

Below is a video which explains this in scientific terms...I'd also suggest you check out the video listed as an address on H'Oponopono which shows how Hawaiians uninfluenced by controlling religions and governments knew this. Also for those more interested in religious context I suggest reading Gregg Braden's book The Lost Mode of Prayer which validated historic evidence of was withheld from the masses regarding who we truly are as creators.


H'Oponopono responsibility for creation All Our Reality

How We Choose What is Created in 2012

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