Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why We Repeat Lessons

Yesterday someone asked me 'why they kept going over what seemed to be the same lesson with different people and choosing the same types in their life'. It's something we all do and only when we become more awakened to our self truth do we begin to notice. It's purpose being that our essence/soul chooses specific things it desired to be experiencing in this focus so as to hold the highest quality enlightened consciousness in regard to this subject. It is generally an important facet or puzzle piece for Consciousness Shifting, it goes beyond personal which is something I've just come to recognize. (Because we are not separate but are ONE with the ALL)

Most of us will take first notice with re-occurrences in some facet of our love relationships, like they say we keep choosing or falling in love with the same type person. If we don't have partners or have lasting mates, then it's with close daily inner-active friends. Eventually it plays out in relationship with our children or other family members, but those are usually saved as last lessons cause these relationships are ones we feel stuck with but at all cost will continue. They are the last ones (our post grad lessons) as they will be the hardest to get right and meet our desired outcome. I started noticing this after my family left the nest when I began dating again, and serious interests were all passive aggressive persona's. This stood out like a sore thumb to were our inner-action centered around this personality characteristic created from their own fears. Each next person seemed to embellish a more advanced facet of it. Eventually progressed interests characterized various aspects of narcissism; which is multi-faceted from the Peter Pan Male to out and out conscious manipulation with control issues. It's ended with me feeling or thinking paranoid as others manipulate my life to gain their control of my life, to a point when I reject this they take revengeful action in some active way. (now it's not just in my head there have been physical actions behind my back from mates involving my adult children ) Once I got here I realize I'm not a paranoid person, the entire progression of situations had been designed by me for me, to make me recognize humanities depth of belief which views us as victims from things occurring outside ourselves. (This was designed by me Yes lessons for me to help transforming the way I see myself in this world, taking human perception from victim-hood to being the creators of our version of reality)A long way getting here yes, but a necessary path to help implant the change in perception for beyond 2012 from victim-hood to us knowing we are the creators reflecting our inner frequency.

As much as we think it's all about us, it isn't. It's about our consciousness being part of the Whole Human Consciousness, and once only one takes on a belief, that belief begins spreading through-out the whole of consciousness like a virus or that 100th Monkey. This change in perception of Self was obviously something specific my essence desired to help transform in Mass Consciousness, and we know all change starts with in us to reach the whole. So this is the why we keep repeating ~ not till we get it right but until we fulfill our role in this Shift of Consciousness.

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