Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Has Begun

Here we go ....
Woke with odd energy around me as Oneson is off visiting his friend with thyroid cancer, Cody's asleep in their room and horses will need feeding via trumping in a foot of mud after 24hours of rain, and there's a feeling everything around me is falling apart. Soil line from the tub has a leak, vacant apartment will needed that new carpet, and the government as I hear put a another band-aid on it's over spending to avoid shut down, and the energy of frustration from the night before still lingers. Flyers' lost a top seat position in their hockey division after being top all year, minor!, compared to the idea our government is about to shut down. Oh the those in charge would still get paid but not our service men. Of course not to worry cause the senators and congressman would suffer too being unable to get their suits pressed, shoes polished or use their gym. Did I say frustrated ~ I meant down right disgusted ! Time to take a deep breath and put it into perspective knowing this outer life reflection actually is being created by the frequency I carry within me.

SEE I DID IT I did it ~I remembered before my mind run off in all those old
paradigm belief systems of victim-hood. A wonderful accomplishment to be on auto-pilot taking responsibility for MY Version of Reality.

Knowing I've been getting churned up by what goes on around me at home is inner destructive stress on my physical showing up in the outer physical too; so I'll use this as a gauge. My collapsing reality is taking place privately cause I live privately, where others living in massive metropolitan areas are seeing their collapse in mass events. What a great realization, now I know why so many of us are feeling frustrated even though knowing how fortunate we are by not being in a place like Japan. We all at our own level, in our own way, are reflecting collapse for the old paradigm belief systems so the new one can be built.....accept that belief or not we are ending to create a new beginning as it's been written in the blueprint of Human Collective by our consciousness. This is our Armageddon my friends and we each feel it according to inner frequency of the resonating energy creating us from the emotions of our beliefs and thinking.

For me the government collapse is a joke known it was broken for years but having to live with it as such. The remainder are annoying fixes taking time and money but easy fixes by simply removing the old outdated and installing new more suitable for the present. And the Flyer's, well that's sports, sometimes your on your game and sometimes not, and there can only be one #1. That idea of a grading and labeling system is also old paradigm as it's not about being #1 or the title you hold, it's about the ethics and sincerity with which we live and play the game.

Wow not only have the rain filled clouds cleared away, the sun is shining!!!!!!!

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