Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Holiday weekend was quiet, but went just as planed and in the end was highly successful for me raising and holding my energy to master emotion of not being a People Pleaser. Oneson added his little bit to the mix with which I remained silent until Monday then appropriately when he expected me to drive him to work said I had no intention of continuing doing people favors who made my life miserable ignoring cooperating with my request. A few bells must of gone off in his head as this would effect his job status if the boss had to give up morning sack time with wife. Thus my driving from here on hinges on sons cooperation. Monday a.m. had Chelation IV, then went shopping for new hi-power long lasting Solar Lights for the apartment outside steps. Since I pay electric tenants find it all to easy leaving lights on all day. Deer effect sensors and it eliminates my having to weekly adjust timers to daylight. Life is now about the "Path of Least Resistance" down all avenues. Installed new plug in kitchen overhead light track that takes new coil spotlights, each light puts out more watts with less usage, another green saver as 2 - 50 watt output lights the whole place well.. Along with my Gogi Berry Bushes this and supplying energy saver bulbs in all fixtures which tenants are expected to replace, this is my belated Earth Day contribution. Then this weekend period I took on a strange physical mental and emotional feeling in energy frequency. It's really quite hard to explain except to say it's peacefully creating flow of a much higher resonance...I guess Abraham/Hicks would say I'm in the Vortex.

During Chelation I ended up in a deep meditation, asked to be open to more downloads of awareness which would continue to serve consciousness expansion. Downloads are like steady drip as they are installed with our body consciousness. The physical visual was the IV drip of Chelation, and what hit me today is more awareness of who we are and self healing. It was quite clear as I had picked up several free magazine issues and they all had articles and appearances of Braco who heals others by gazing at large groups, extending the energy each one requires in the moment to heal themselves. I'd looked for a date to perhaps attend, but as so often happens it had just ended and I missed it, this telling me again how I do not need anything Outside Myself. Just love the messages received by spirit which are so clearly marked in meaning. Anyway my knees which I'd healed nearly to wholeness had began paining me horridly becoming progressively worse just after my sisters disengagement from life the end of December. I felt anger as I had done such a good job, but knew this reflection was an extension of the work on our ability to heal our selves to wholeness. There was a time though when I screamed at my departed sister for "doing this to me" which we all know is that old paradigm of victim-hood coming through. This was my recognizing these were her knees not mine as the pain seemed impossible to get around for me to think myself into a reality without bad knees. Recently drawn to the TV program Ghost Whisperer the connection hit me how physics get physical symptoms of those who we connect with. It's not being possessed unless you want to be dramatic, it's simply sensing the energy those we connect to. The knee pain was my sisters all right, not mine, but not cause she's giving it to me from outside myself. It's a frequency from within me as she/her energy is with me and we are One. Her energy is also mine, as every ones energy is one with mine and mine with them as ALL CREATIONS IS ONE. YA far out but true. Now I have to work at doingthis thing of eliminating the pain by created my (our) knees as whole and healthy in my visual, my thought, and the hold the belief that I create the bone and joints healthy and whole. All is energy of oneness and we create what we believe and my sister is within me giving me more reason than ever to Master this in myself as I move into the new paradigm where this sharing our oneness will become our reality.
Wow..this Shifting has suddenly gotten really really Deep! Knee deep in belief CREATING!

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