Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unexpected Places for Hi Frequency

It's no secret I "love watching" Hockey in spite of it being the roughest contact sport out there, grew up on it. It's come along way and I find this in itself a very interesting study as it shows evolution in action and how humanity is more civilized today than they were even a few years ago. Living in eastern Pennsylvania I'm a local team fan of the Philadelphia "Flyers". Back in the 1970's they became known as the Broad Street Bullies and yes the name fit. They became a team that you either Loved or Loved to Hate and their fans embellished this attitude as that was what Philly was about. Tough guys that had underlying character, they were"the Fonz" in real life. Today there are a few players that dream of that, but the new rules don't allow it for protection of players. However there are those few who take their tough and apply it in a different way, like laying out flat often using their unprotected body to stop the speeding 90 to 100 mile an hour puck. Unfortunately this can and has had seriously damaging results when they miss judge and it hits neck or face. Back in the 70's they also didn't wear helmets, today it's mandatory and many use eye shields. The Flyers were the poster kids for hockey back then with Bobby Clark and his adorable toothless smile. He was a terror though smile or not, and today in his late 50's he's a grand-dad with gray hair pot belly and full smiling dentures,, he's still loved by the team and fans for his character.

I'm coming to understand human nature or the animal side of it much better through this sport which is so fast one can not contemplate emotion and it gets expressed in a very unconscious manner. Something which has struck me is how the nicest guys as loving people are often the most viscous on the ice. However, in observing they also are the most dedicated to the game and it is played as a game to win without egos vengeance. Now this took a long time to notice and thatnoticing came through people like Bobby Clark and a more current player Ian Lappaier (in black shirt). Ian is my man. He made a art of puck stopage with his body, finally it got him in 2009/10 season. Accidents to the mouth and eye with a powerhouse of stitches holding him together and next period he was back playing, and then in the eye with seventy stitches, broken eye socket, concussion, vertigo and permanent sight damage. The day he announced the extent of his injury I cried. It came from my depths as an empath I felt his pain knowing he may never play the game again which was his life. The average 30 year old guy would resent and have anger over this, Not Ian. He's never stopped smiling always had a positive up-beat attitude knowing he may never again completely heal to fly like the wind. Today a year later he is still up-beat smiling ear to ear with gratitude for having been able to do what he did while he did. He's announcing, giving clinics to young players and playing a little for benefits, but not fit for the pro sport. It's painful for him, but he has an gratitude and such love for life in his heart that he is inspiring and the example of what a Man and Sportsman should aspire to be. This tough Broad Street Bully a real life Fonz expresses Higher Resonance Frequency in all he has done and is doing even in the face of adversity. His example in facing his Armageddon is something to aspire to... and how would of thought such spiritual heights could be found in the rough contact sport of Hockey.
I'm sharing this so we all remember that our perception of Higher Frequency is all to often seen as Spiritual and we fail to look in the most obvious places of daily life. It's the guy on the street that is the real determiner of how humanity is creating at true evolutionary enlightenment for the new cycle.

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